The specifics of the treatment of sexual psoriasis

To find Psoriasis on the genitals quite often, in the same way in both women and men. Characteristic for this disease skin rashes affect not only the area of the sexual organs, but also the skin on other parts of the body (groin, stomach, near-anoral Zone, buttocks, etc.). most patients begin treatment at later stages of the disease, if it is in a more severe Form, and defying topical treatment.

sexual psoriasis

Skin rashes are usually pink and red hues, which protrude slightly above the level of the skin, have a round shape, silver Patina and erythrematous Basis. The spots have an estimated diameter of 0.5 to 2 cm and more. In such cases, the itching can interfere with a Person, but the appearance of the flock creates the unpleasant image. Usually, to diagnose the disease is not difficult, since the platelets are arranged in parallel and on other parts of the body.

Causes of the disease

The development of the disease occurs as a result of such reasons:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • Disorders of the immune system;
  • Nervous shock;
  • Pathology of organs of small pelvis;
  • Functional disorders of the genital organs, hormonal imbalance.

Very often papules appear in the genital area for the reason that the Patient is already going a similar rashes on the body, but not to the doctor, no measures for the treatment of the disease.

Psoriasis on the genitals is not. from one Partner to another through intimate contact, and droplet infection, through everyday This chronic process, which has a non-infectious origin.

Sexual Psoriasis in women

The labia psoriasis is very common in women, as well as on the Vulva, and this disease is part of the popular Psoriasis. The first signs of the disease occur in adolescence, when hormonal changes in the body. Also, the disease in the course of pregnancy, lactation, Menopause, post – menopause, in turn, on the background of hormonal outbreaks. Often, women confuse a similar disease, sexually transmitted diseases and self-medication. Up for lost time with a treatment striving to a skin doctor lead to a significant deterioration of the health condition.

The female half of the patients may manifest inflammation psoriatic:

  • between the buttocks;
  • under the milk glands;
  • in the area of the armpits.
Sexual Psoriasis in women

Also, the Psoriasis in women manifests itself in the groin, where in a chaotic manner pink papules with white-silvery scales that are covered. Psoriatic Plaques are located on the pubic mount, large and small labia, the mucous membrane of the Vagina. Symptoms of psoriasis is similar to vulvitis, but an accurate diagnosis can only deliver by a skilled skin doctor.

Sexual Psoriasis in men

Psoriasis on the genitals in men, manifests itself in the Form of a rash on the Penis (especially in the area of the head to the foreskin), the groin, the pubic bone. On the skin the red spots, which rise slightly above the surface, and with a whitish-silvery scaly layer. Such symptoms are similar to the Manifestation of the classical balanoposthitis, what is the most common and confuse sexual Psoriasis in men. As shows human medicine, psoriatic rashes in intimate places, are the only Manifestation of the disease. Papules ceilings and other parts of the body, including the abdomen, back, arms, legs, etc.

To treat Psoriasis in the groin area for men, in a holistic way, by the local agent, and preparations of internal exposure. When the young man, the disease was not diagnosed, sexually transmitted diseases, it can lead to, love of life, but with the means of contraception (to prevent a possible infection infection from the partner during the treatment of Psoriasis).

Sexual Psoriasis in men

Treatment of Psoriasis lesions of the genital organs in men and women

You treat the psoriasis in intimate drugs, the prescribe of the skin doctor. Maybe help by a urologist (for men) or gynecologist (for women), especially if the Patient has accompanying diseases, sexually transmitted infections. In both men and women, the principle of treatment of psoriatic inflammation in a similar way. So, if the disease manifests itself in the mild Form, not enough use of creams, ointments, gels. In severe cases, the funds for the intake to be assigned.

Very often psoriasis genital mutilation to near-alan Zone to develop against the background of what can hemorrhoids, helminthic infestation, inflammation of the mucous membranes of infectious origin. The presence of these comorbidities the treatment of sexual Psoriasis can complicate.

Before the treatment of Psoriasis on the genitals, you need to the diagnosis by the skin doctor. You may need to consulting your gynaecologist or urologist.

Diagnostic methods are similar in men and women:

  • an overview of the condition of the genital organs;
  • the collection of samples with the skin for laboratory examination;
  • General and clinical analysis of blood;
  • the additional removal of smears for the exception of the virus-provocateurs, which are sexually transmitted.

The main treatment methods are as follows:

  • the use of ointments for external use (corticosteroid compositions, ointments, on the Basis of the tar);
  • the rate of absorption of drugs (immuno-depressants, immunomodulators, retinoids, preparations with a content of Vitamin D, antibiotics);
  • antifungal agents with the aim of avoiding the parallel development of bacterial and fungal infections of the sex organs.

As a physiotherapy active, the irradiation of the sex organs is radiation with ultraviolet light, a high frequency laser.

From the resources of traditional medicine, patients often salt baths, compresses from broth of Bay leaves, as well as the lubrication of the sex organs tincture Golden mustache.

With the right, complex the treatment of Psoriasis genital organs in men and women, the period of Remission can last from several months to several years.