Psoriasis in the early stages. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Psoriasis refers to a chronic infectious disease, the skin of the people. This disease is the most common type of dermatological diseases. The person who draws sick Psoriasis the initial phase very often, on similar pathology no attention, considering that the occurrence of red dry patches can happen, of course.

the early Phase

Symptoms in an early stage of psoriasis

Such a disease, such as Psoriasis, has a wide range of symptoms, under a variety of other pathologies, therefore, sometimes difficult, and the Patient to determine the disease ate at his body. These symptoms are as:

  • General Weakness,
  • constant fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome),
  • the emergence of depression or depressive States.

To pull by the presence of people with such symptoms of the disease is still not the final, as he fell ill.

For psoriasis at an early stage in a bright red or pink color is characterized by the appearance of papules, round shape, with psoriatic Plaques (scales). This skin formation is almost always symmetrically located on the part of the head, back, flexor surfaces, sometimes Plaque Psoriasis can also be found on the mucous membranes of the sex organs, as well as on the upper and lower extremities.
The emergence of papules and the most important Symptom of Psoriasis is to identify at an early stage.

The causes of psoriasis

In spite of the enormous possibilities of modern medicine, the reasons why people begin to appear on the skin Pokrov papules, up to the end is not yet clarified. Many modern doctors tend to the view that Psoriasis is a hereditary predisposition. This disease can be caused by the influence on the human organism, the following predisposing factors:

  • traumatic injuries of the skin,
  • The presence of the infection in the body,
  • Abuse of alcoholic products,
  • increased effect on the skin to ultraviolet (Solar) radiation,
  • Presence of any psychological injury to the people,
  • the effects of endocrine disorders.

Very often accompanying Psoriasis is a disease in people with Aids or HIV infection.

How does psoriasis in the early stages

the first Phase in the head

The disease of a similar character, begins with the emergence of on human skin, papules (small pimples), with clearly drawn boundaries and rounded shape. The color of this training has a pink or reddish coloring. Papel can acquire and bluish, if you lotsiruetsja on the lower extremities, where the blood flow is significantly slower than in the other areas of the human body.

In the initial phase of the durchflieens of the disease to the tile shed to emerge silvery-white color. With the skin of the Person they are bad, which with ease behind papules.

The close together psoriatic papules coalesce very often and form a large skin according to the diameter of the elements, the spoils, in turn, the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

The first Phase of the Psoriasis is a fact that in the educated Segment of the internal rashes begin to fade, and the outer (edge) ends of the bright-red color purchase. Similar to garland-sicut kind of Plaques characteristic of psoriasis at an early stage. Usually the first rash of Psoriasis can be observed on the head (scalp), elbows and knees.

During the course of Psoriasis three stages can be distinguished:

  • Progressive — this Phase, if the papules acquire distinctive color and go in the process of Fusion with each other.
  • Stationary — where the new rashes start stopped and papules pale.
  • Retrogressive — it happens to the complete disappearance of the nodular lesions on the affected areas of the body.

For the treatment of Psoriasis a lot of drugs developed to fight the disease with varying degrees of efficiency. Among the best drugs highlighted:

  1. Hormonal drugs, which have the ability to immediately arrest the symptoms of psoriasis. Appoint such drugs, in severe forms of the symptoms of the disease by the formation of papules exudate.
  2. Non-hormonal agents, under which it ointment usually, salicylic acid and zinc. These medicines aim to eliminate the itch, the lifting of the inflammation, the removal of exudative formations. Good ointments have been proven on the Basis of solidol'.
  3. Shampoo – you are struggling with psoriasis on the head.
  4. Sprays help in the fight against the disease in the scalp.

Physica justo procedures

Physical therapy

In the treatment of Psoriasis, the implementation of Physica justo process is characterized separately.

PUVA-therapy. Thus, the exposure to long-wave UV-radiation for medical purposes in conjunction with drugs, sustainable treatment for Psoriasis.

2 hours before performing the irradiation of the Patient taking such medications should be used, such as Ammifurin or Psoralen. Treatment PUVA therapy is the cleansing of the skin of papules and constant maintenance of the treatment, for the maintenance of a favorable remissionem time. The treatment lasts from a year up to 2 years (approximately 25 meetings per year).

donec justo. This method of treatment consists in the application of the Person ozonated solution for getting rid of psoriasis. Ozone in this case, the mixture in the Form of an ozone-oxygen, the:

  • consume it in the Form of ozone water or oil inside,
  • administered by injection intravenously (IVs), subcutaneously.

The treatment with ozone has a number of contraindications, it is not performed in the case of:

  • Allergies to ingredients
  • Intoxication of alcohol during the treatment,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Myocardial infarction,
  • Violations in connection with the blood coagulation.

The treatment donec justo it comes to 10 – 12 sessions.

Leech therapy. Psoriasis-treatment with leeches is a very popular means of deliverance from this disease. Leeches, those areas of the body, papules, where they secrete murder for the skin, into the blood a substance hirudin, which in turn begins to actively fight with the disease. The course of treatment – 150 leeches per Person. Doctors recommend that per year 2 take place in such a course.

Psoriasis treatment at home

Home treatment

Ointments in folk medicine

In an enamel bowl the following ingredients: 200 grams of Butter and 10 grams of finely ground Propolis placed, the resulting mixture should not boil on low heat for 10-15 minutes, to forget, all the while intensely stirring. The resulting Medium was filtered before use through several layers of cheesecloth. It needs to Psoriasis RUB affected areas until complete disappearance of the papules. The ointment is to be kept exclusively in a refrigerator.

You take two fresh hen eggs and add a tablespoon of sunflower oil. The eggs and the oil, shake thoroughly, and in 40 grams of acetic acid. The resulting ointment lay in a box with a lid. It should be a day-night oil to the affected skin. This Tool is very effective in the treatment of early stages of psoriasis.


Take in equal parts by weight of such ingredients, such as milk, grape leaves, flax seed, and burdock root (necessarily fresh). You should cook them for 5 minutes in an enamel pot, cooled to room temperature and lotions on the problem areas.