Causes of psoriasis


Many people know how widespread and unpleasant illness such as psoriasis. The disease occurs in men and women of almost all age groups. Often psoriasis is diagnosed, it is called the disease in medical practice, and in the case of children. The main symptoms of the disease are skin rash in the Form of roundish or oval spots on various parts of the body. In the use of the cases, the disease attacks the skin. The most common psoriatic Plaques are caves at the elbows, the knees, the hands, the feet, in the area of growth of hair on the head, in the armpit, in the area of the skin and groin folds. However, in the situation, the disease does not only affect the Dermis. There are kinds of pathology that is harmful to the joints (psoriatic Arthritis), as well as the nails of the people (nail Psoriasis), and even eyes.

The research in the field of Psoriasis, it is a very long time, but always the nature of the disease is not clear. Some experts attribute the pathology with the work of the human immunity, others claim that the real reasons for this pathology is Stress and excessive emotional distress, others tend to trust in the emergence of a disease as a result of the violation of metabolic processes in the body. Theories of disease quite a lot, but none of them has a scientific confirmation. Exactly what is known is that psoriasis, its causes remain a mystery, refers to non-infectious inflammatory skin diseases of a chronic nature.

Theory of the emergence of psoriasis

To give causes of psoriasis is a very contentious issue to the present day, peace researchers in the world. Numerous laboratory and clinical studies scientific explanation of the development of the disease. All the theories are just a guess. In practice, they are only confirmed to a certain degree. So next in the article will try to provide an explanation for the development of such diseases as psoriasis from a scientific point of view. The causes of Psoriasis until today, the theory is to explain:

  1. Immune.
  2. Hereditary.
  3. Endocrine.
  4. Viral.
  5. Neurogenic.
  6. The exchange part.

All of them were developed on the basis of the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease is the result of years of research of Psoriasis.

Immune Theory

immune theory

Scientists believe that the cause of the disease is in direct connection with the immune protection of the people. This theory is one of the most widespread and reliable today. Representative of this perspective claim that the psoriasis occurs under the influence of something like autoimmune Aggression. This process occurs in a result of the perception of cells of the immune system the cells of the Dermis as the aggressors. That is, the perception as foreign bodies, In consequence of such a reaction is to swell the skin strong and refused. The process of rejection usually begins in the following cases:

  • frequent friction of the skin;
  • Burns;
  • Abrasions, scratches and other damage to the skin.

The research of Psoriasis-scales method of biopsy is allowed, recognize in them some complex antigens while in the blood, there is a large amount of antibodies to it. This confirms in part the connection of the disease with immunity, however, prove fully the theory in practice is not yet possible. It is assumed that a fault may be a function of the natural protection of the people, only one of the triggering factors for the occurrence of psoriasis.

The theory of inheritance

The emergence of psoriasis also explains the theory of genetic predisposition. Proponents of this view say with confidence that the most important cause for the disease is a hereditary factor. Simply put, the disease is related to relatives in the blood line.

Researches in this area have shown that the cause of Psoriasis may very well be in the genetic predisposition, since more than 60% of all patients in your relatives of the same genus, is also suffering from illness. In addition, the following Features did you find the:

  • if Psoriasis is one of the parents is sick, the probability of the occurrence of the disease of the child is 25%;
  • in this case, if the skin rashes both parents, suffer regularly, the risk increases more than doubled and amounted to 75%.

The genetic theory to the present day, though, and has a certain amount of confirmation, in practice, is not of fundamental importance. In many cases, appeals of the patient for the aid in addition to the inheritance of the entirety of a number of other trigger factors of the disease will be celebrated.


endocrine theory

This theory States that the causes of Psoriasis can hide in the violation of the hormonal balance of the body. After a thorough investigation of the pathology, the scientists came to the conclusion that morbidly rapid process of cell division in the Dermis of the people associated with the disease with a hormonal imbalance. Usually, such errors occur as a result of various diseases of the endocrine system. This is the pathology of the thyroid gland, the pancreas, and the pituitary gland. Also possible causes of hormonal malfunction of the following States of action:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Ovulation;
  • taking certain hormone preparations.

In practice, doctors, a significant worsening of the disease noted during this period. But despite this connection and the supposed confirmation of the theory in practice, basic and proven it is not faith.


The causes of the disease Psoriasis for a long time in connection with the transmission of diseases of viral nature, but also with the presence of foci of chronic inflammation in the body. This theory is based on the facts that in the time of the disease caused by this or that Virus, psoriasis significantly escalated. Also cases known in which the primary formation of the Psoriasis during the viral etiology of the disease. This disproves the theory that as a result of such diseases the immune system is weakened, that can also be associated with the development of Psoriasis. A known fact is that the psoriasis spread from person to person, this theory has no confirmation from a medical point of view.



Representative of this view argue, what often happens psoriasis in the nervous system. Neurogenic theory assigns the causes of psoriasis, the directly psychosomatic condition of the people. This is one of the youngest and not proved in practice. The theory of the development of the disease is explained by the presence of the following conditions of the people:

  • Stress;
  • excessive excitement and experiences;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • strong fatigue.

As a result of such disorders in humans neurosis in blood vessels, which causes narrowing and occurs as a result of violation of blood flow to the tissues of the Dermis. Such errors provides the possibility of the development of Psoriasis lesions on the body of a different nature.

According to statistics, in the XX century, in a larger percentage of people that this or that Form of pathology, the pre-stage of the disease, it was Stress.

Theory of exchange

Causes of Psoriasis and treatment today are very current topic. What is psoriasis? This question bothers not only patients but also doctors. Representatives of the theory of disturbance of metabolic processes, the development of the pathology with impaired metabolic functions of the body. In the course of the disease years of research and numerous laboratory tests, and several characteristics, which all patients could find out. The data obtained give every reason to believe that the cause of Psoriasis is dysfunction of the metabolic processes of the people. So, what to do:

  1. About the violation of metabolic processes in the body temperature of the patient below the Norm.
  2. In the body of the patient, an increased concentration of cholesterol and other negative substances that in a healthy person in a natural way.
  3. An imbalance of vitamins. In all patients pathology of the B vitamins are in short supply. However, Vitamin C, on the contrary, in abundance.

Trade theory, although there is a certain confirmation in the practice, not officially approved.

Factors that provoke the disease

In summary, a number of factors, which not only defy the disease, but also significantly worsen its course. So what is psoriasis provoked, try to find out more.

The spiritual causes of psoriasis

Often the emergence of Psoriasis is associated with Stress and excitement. To avoid complications, the doctors recommend that you limit the fatigue, strong nervous stress and situations that can bring Stress.

Disease of an infectious nature


Provoke the primary development of the disease and its complications are able to be a chronic inflammatory disease. For the avoidance of such unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to treat in a timely manner the infection, the disease, medical help.


The causes of Psoriasis in women, often with the pregnancy. It was during this time in the body hormonal changes are characterized. Every expectant mother, the suffering of the house, must be very attentive to their health. Prophylactic measures include early prenatal visits, avoidance of stressful situations, proper diet, avoiding harmful habits, the observance of the regime of the day.

Personal injury and damage to the skin

The causes of disease often lie in the chemical and mechanical damage to the Dermis. Different burns, injuries, scratches, and other minor injuries can be a factor that provoked the disease. Also disease can develop due to the influence of chemicals on the skin. For example, different cleaning agents. People dealing with such materials, the doctors recommend the wearing of protective equipment.

Bad Habits


Also proved a significant negative impact of bad habits on the course of the disease. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other types of drugs, aggravated greatly Psoriasis. This is due to the communication of the impact of harmful habits on the immune system of the patient.

The use of certain drugs

Many of the drug are able to use, but damage. In Psoriasis, the use of these drugs, such as some types of antibiotics, immune stimulants, Vitamin complexes can trigger the disorder of immunity. The result is a complication of the disease.

Incorrect Diet

The daily diet of the people can also be a reason of the development of the pathology and the significant complications. Patients suffering from the disease or the predisposition for the disease is extremely important to monitor their diet. From the food is recommended, greasy, spicy, fried, smoked, salty dishes. Nutritionists recommend to give preference to food, steamed, as well as the method of cooking. On the table a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruit, milk products should.

So, the causes of psoriasis are very varied. Provoke disease are able to many factors. But do not think that the psoriasis – which is the judgment. A timely treatment, responsible attitude to your body, the correction of the daily routine and diet will allow to cope with the disease and to eliminate their complications in the future.