Psoriasis — Photo, Symptoms, Treatment

This disease manifests itself in the appearance of red spots on the skin, which are constantly interfering, course rash itching skin, what is preventing you from fulfilling life. The possibility of occurrence of complications cuidam arthritico pain in the joints.


Quality of life in people who have similar problems, is reduced. And although the General condition is often much worse, the usual way of life changed. This is a serious unaesthetic skin disease a lot of inconvenience, for example, the inability to wear revealing clothing, or visit the Sauna or the beaches.

In some cases, Psoriasis causes suffering, which is comparable with such serious diseases as congestive heart failure, acute forms of hypertension, or post-infarction state. The danger is the reinforcement of the itch is because conpositis demere rapta places appear to be difficult sores, sana.

The complexity of this disease is that it is virtually incurable. Everything that is offered by the pharmaceutical industry are currently in between income. And such measures, such as psychotherapy, vitamin complexes, and food, let you only improve a little the condition.

Symptoms of psoriasis

  • The formation of Plaques in silver;
  • Scrub places of the lesion;
  • Hemophilia areas where the leather rolls.

There are the classic signs of the disease, they vary depending on a version of the disease. There are several views of psoriasis differ by the intensity of the flow and the combination of symptoms.


Irritation and redness can be at any position of the human body, but in most areas, the defeat of the elbows, wrists, back, knees and feet. Other symptoms of psoriasis occur:

  • Detachment of the nail plate;
  • The formation of dimples on the nails;
  • Discoloration of the nail, the emergence of a yellowish tint;
  • Pain in the joints;
  • Increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • Swollen.

Stage of development

The course of the disease is divided dermatologists conventionally in several phases. This is important, since the disease often has a chronic character. Experts have the possibility to observe the course of the disease and determine the correctness of the chosen method of treatment.

  1. The first Phase is characterized by further intensification, which is expressed in the emergence and enlargement of the rash. Psoriasis beginning stages, you can see in the photo. The most important evidence for the progressive disease – the emergence of which a scaly Plaques of red, with the free edge of flakes. And the redness spreads rapidly, spangle, no time, plating the entire surface of the inflammation.
  2. Progressive Stage. In this time, new rashes, ibi papules come to grow. Originally, the elements appeared to be actively repelled. A positive isomorphic reaction, if the field of the skin changes form new papules.
  3. The stationary Phase. In this Phase, the rash is less stop, new tile, existing papules did not grow. All the places of the lesion covered with scales, headbands redness is missing the tile.
  4. Regression – the most important step in the treatment of Psoriasis, it shows that the exacerbation of the disease, the treatment carried out in an effective and gave a positive result. The main task of this Phase is the prevention of re-exacerbation. On regressus stage of the plaque is practically invisible, the Peeling stopped on the places of lesions or brownish spots are formed white.

Classification of the disease in the Phase of the current depends on the activity of the inflammatory process. Based on the clinical manifestations of the disease, the redder and more papules, the more active process. The Manifestation of the activity of Psoriasis are visible on the photo.

Causes of psoriasis

Many people wonder psoriasis is contagious or not? For a start it is necessary that the causes of psoriasis. You can't become infected through contact, shared towels, hygiene items, or shaking hands. The disease occurs most often in young adults between the ages of 18-25 years.

The most important factors contributing to the development of the disease:
  • Genetic Predisposition. The disease can develop with the relatives of the first line;
  • Most common cause – Stress, nervous exhaustion, severe emotional stress;
  • Possible cause is a disorder of the endocrine system;
  • Metabolic diseases, in particular, the lack of silicon in the human body, Beriberi;
  • Intestinal diseases and viruses.

It is worth noting that the provoked immune imbalances in the body, the development of skin rash. This condition, if the patient's own cells would like to show to the tissues, this reflects on the skin. There is a direct connection between the development of the disease and the condition of the intestine.

The people, intestinal parasitic infections, more prone to skin diseases. The pathogens of intestinal diseases with long-term existence in the blood spew toxins that provoke immune imbalances. The result is a psoriasis.

Methods of treatment of Psoriasis

Many experts believe that this disease is almost incurable. A clear scheme of treatment of psoriasis there is not, each case is treated individually. Since psoriasis phenomenon is little studied, the primary cause of its formation assumed to be emotional overload, and immune disorders.

The most amazing thing is that the psoriasis can just as suddenly disappear as they appear. A logical explanation for the suddenness of medicine can offer. As for the treatment of Psoriasis?

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that treatment must be comprehensive. First, the Patient drugs assigned to topical application. If no result, then the drug combines treatment.

Not necessarily in the complex include:
  1. Compliance with the daily routine.
  2. A special hypoallergenic diet.
  3. Of mind, liberation from emotional and physical stress.

Non-steroidal drugs for the alleviation of inflammation exhibited in the case of problems with the joints, the composition of an active substance Ibuprofen, which relieves pain. In the case of more serious injuries special puncture of the joints.

Certain forms of Psoriasis treated with radiotherapy, paraffin applications. For the relief of inflammation in the advanced stages of the disease also ointments apply, if you have an infection prescribers, containing antibiotics.


Show a good result of the treatment by Laser, photo therapy, cryotherapy. Psoriasis on the head treated with the application humilis-interest-sulfur-salicylic compositions. After the transition of the disease in the stationary Phase of the ointment is applied to the psoriasis with keratolytic effect .

Diet for psoriasis

Psoriasis-treatment is always individually, but in any case, you should establish the correct diet and to clean the body of toxins that provoke the development of the disease. Proper nutrition and detoxification of the body – the pledge of successful treatment.

In the composition of the diet, you should pay special attention to the food in sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals. For an effective treatment in the body, the following materials must arrive:

  1. Drugs, containing silicon. This Mineral is a sorbent, the all complex of antigens from the body through the intestines. On the other hand, he is involved in the improvement of the structure of the skin, which is important in this disease.
  2. Vitamin D and calcium. The fact that calcium is assimilated only with Vitamin D. the complex participates in the stabilization of cell membranes. Medicines are in the period of stabilization or Remission.
  3. Cod-liver oil. Inflammatory processes are always with the death of the cells. For the restoration and maintenance of the immune system are antioxidants. For the restoration of the equilibrium, it is recommended that the intake of Omega-3 acids contained in fish oil. It is a powerful aktioksidant in the management of Psoriasis.
  4. Lecithin. Skin cells in Psoriasis active for the update of the skin material — phospholipids required, the source and effect of Lecithin die. He allows it to inflammation quickly and repair the skin.

Universal diet, of the shows in Psoriasis. The diet should discuss with the treating doctor. But there are some General recommendations for the compilation of the menus. Special attention should be paid to products advised against use during treatment.

Should trigger courts, allergies, or provoke the development of the disease. It is desirable to reduce the consumption of salt, is completely excluded, is unlikely. The value of a low-calorie diet, roasted, salted, pickled, smoked specialities, food preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes.

The exclusion is subject to sweets, confectionery, all fast carbohydrates. Is categorically prohibited the consumption of alcohol!

In the diet available healthy food and drinks must be. Not necessarily in the menu, fish, lean meat, it is desirable, cooking without fat, baking, cooking or stewing. You should regularly eat fresh fruit and berries, with the exception of citrus fruits and strawberries. Daily milk drinks, drink, herbal teas.

Proper nutrition makes it possible to cope more quickly with such a nuisance, such as Psoriasis.

Home treatment

In addition to compliance with the dietary food in house conditions, a person, a disease, should have the following rules:

  • A careful skin care. It needs additional protection, not allow damage to the skin blanket, as any wear and tear can become inflamed. In this disease, a secondary inflammation often occurs, which can lead to the pus;
  • For the period of the treatment of the waiver of the application of cosmetics, nail trimming is better to be brief, if you also suffer from psoriasis, be brittle, Peeling;
  • Should not light in direct sun. Sunbathing is possible, but a short period of time. Extended exposure to sunlight can worsen and hurt the skin;
  • Excluding the impact of stress factors and efforts on the improvement of immunity. It is recommended to take vitamin complex, Sport, hardened.


Psoriasis – a disease, which bears an individual character. Studies have shown that it is transmitted from person to person. It can be seen that the self can engage, a dangerous disease, the incorrect treatment can provoke various complications. Not recommended during the treatment, comb the damaged areas.

Preventive measures to prevent disease include the following:
  1. The avoidance of harmful habits. People Smoking more prone to the development of diseases than non-smokers. The smoke cigarettes lowers the immune system and poisons the body, which hinders blood circulation, which promotes the formation of Plaques.
  2. Medications can trigger the disease, these side effects of Beta blockers and drugs that in the composition of Lithium. Prior to your admission, you should consult with a specialist.
  3. The maintenance of the immunity. You can avoid the diseases of infectious nature, for the treatment of colds and other viral diseases. In certain cases, it is advisable to take Vitamin complexes.

You should exercise correct skin care, you can maintain in a moist condition is important. To do this, you must relinquish control of the normal level of humidity in the room, the use of air conditioners to dry the air. Body moistened with the help of lotions, creams and oils after the water procedures.

Carefully select the cosmetics, decorative cosmetics should be of high quality. For the care of the skin is desirable, natural remedies be used. Damages the use of household chemicals, homework should be in the gloves, since the chemicals are able to also damage healthy skin.

Water calms and cleanses the skin, hydro-therapy – a compulsory part of the prevention and treatment of Psoriasis. In the warm season can be used, dousing with cold water, and in the Winter – herbal bath. In this of the hard sponges and scrubs is better to abstain.

The clothes should not choose from natural materials, so that it is skin deterioratus and let the air. Ideal – things made of cotton.


Prevention of Psoriasis requires special attention to the correct way of life and diet, as well as the personal Hygiene of the skin. If you tips and maintain your health, you can the risk of Psoriasis, minimize the severity of the disease reduced.