An effective treatment of Psoriasis at home, recipes, ways


Psoriasis – a chronic disease has a wave-shaped course. The treatment is directed to his home, to remove the acute symptoms of excessive acne manifests on the skin, severe itching, and the General deterioration of the health condition.

However, until today, experts are trying to develop effective therapy regime, and since the Tools for you to forget the Problem does not exist, the Maximum can be achieved prolonged remissions, but no complete cure.

How to treat psoriasis at home

Psoriasis treatment in the home to give the results only if the holistic way. The use of the means of folk medicine, especially in the advanced stages of psoriasis, the medication should be taken by local and systemic effect.

For herbs, tinctures, and application of lotions and compresses a connection physiotherapy is to restore. In addition, in the fight with disease specific recommendations regarding the treatment of natural remedies should:

• Prohibited the treatment, do not interrupt, no matter how long he was.
• All of the medicinal herbs to be collected in a strictly defined time limits, you must store them properly and to process. Otherwise, the treatment has no results will absolutely.
• The Problem does not seem should be only externally, on the part of the skin but from the inside, through the strengthening of the whole organism. This approach takes into consideration not only in folk medicine but also in the official. In each case in connection with the processing of leather, you have to the intake of natural remedies for internal use. The last is to stabilize the work of the internal organs, improve the immune system and cleanse the body.
• Effects on the body from external factors, which eliminate the running of the mechanism of development of Psoriasis, you should be completely or at least to minimize.

Fitopreparaty sold in pharmacies and most of its already processed and contain only specific components. All medicines collected and prepared personally, contain the properties that are absolutely not necessary in the treatment of Psoriasis.

Also highly recommended regardless, you get the treatment, as this can lead to undesirable consequences. So, for example, even the most innocuous at first glance, celandine, if ingestion can lead to poisoning of the body, cardiac arrhythmias and convulsions.

It is possible Psoriasis cure at home forever

The question of whether for getting rid of psoriasis occurs in almost all patients. Uncomfortable Plaques on the body, covered with gray scales, the constant complaints greatly complicate the life of the patient. And despite the fact that all the symptoms usually appear on the body, psoriasis is not common, kozhnym disease and system data.

The exact causes of its formation not previously known. Some tend to believe that, in the dominant hereditary factor is, others claim that all the problems arise from-for violations of the work of the internal systems – in each case, the treatment should only complex. But even with well-chosen Schema therapy, permanently get rid of the acute manifestations of Psoriasis will not work.

Under the influence of triggering factors such as Stress, bad habits, poor diet, systemic diseases, the symptoms will return again and again. And the whole treatment, this is attributed to the fact, in order to relieve the itching, burning, clean the skin and also increase the period of Remission.

The fastest way to treat psoriasis at home

First and foremost, for the rapid elimination of Psoriasis, exclude, should all triggering factors. The Patient must keep to get rid of bad habits, to distribute properly, relax mode, and work on a diet.


Folk medicine recommends for the rapid elimination of symptoms of psoriasis such means:

• Smear the ointment on the Basis of Plaques marigold;
• Take teas made of soothing herbs such as mint, lavender or chamomile.
• Take a bath with essential oils, and in the affected dermis rubbing essential oils of Rose, chamomile, Jasmine.
• For fast Peeling, flakes, platelets moistened cereal, RUB it gently.
• Inside, you take a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil.

These funds have proven to be among the sick, but also have a lot of positive feedback from doctors. But do not hope that after a few flicks of her condition greatly improve. Over the course of the therapy is always at least a month, and in severe forms of the disease and can last up to three will be increased. In addition, these funds are not to help yourself, you will only be as part of an integrated therapy, and only for the relief of acute symptoms

Psoriasis Treatment Activated Carbon

Research on the nature of Psoriasis showed that a reason of the departure of the body. Therefore, the activated carbon, its properties and desiccant, and antidotom, can significantly facilitate the condition. Once in the stomach, he responds with disease-causing microorganisms and toxins, while Absorption.

Coal take an active in Psoriasis should be of a course, in advance of the receipt of the consultation of a doctor. In General, the following therapies are:

• Course with a duration of 2-4 weeks. Dosage according to the following formula calculated: body weight divided by 10, and what is the number of tablets of 250 mg per day. Drug should drink three times a day in equal installments, a lot of water.
• Course лучения is 40 days, and the number of drugs per day is calculated by the formula described below. In this case, for a single tablet dosage, Grind to powder, and pour in cooled water, to the meal in a few hours.
• Duration of the intake of 30 days. Per day, only 3 tablets, one hour before meals.
• The cure-10 days, then a break of 20 and 10 days taking again, and so four times, that is, in the sum of 40 days of receipt. Number of drugs per day is calculated from a tablet to a weight of 6 kg. The resulting dosage three shared.

In the treatment of activated carbon should keep to a strict diet.

Treatment Soda

Soda for psoriasis applies to both local treatment as well as for inside. After the evaluation of the doctors and the patients, which are most effective such recipes:

• Warm baths, delivered every day for 14 days in the night. On the tub volume of 30-40 liters, divorced, 900 g. of Soda.
• The treatment of a solution of Soda Plaques. In a glass of water 2 TSP of baking powder, and the resulting solution dissolve three times a day протираются the affected areas.
• Compresses twice per day. For the preparation you should take 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda (large), pour a little water, so the weight, similar to pasta. This course of treatment – two weeks.
• Hot compress: at a reception in 0.5 liters of hot water 3 tbsp bicarbonate of soda dissolved. The solution on a cloth and applied on the wound.

How to treat Psoriasis salt

Those patients, referred for a long time suffer from psoriasis, that after the holiday, his symptoms clearly back to form. This is due to the effect of sea salt on the body. In any case, any worsening of beach resorts or sanatoria difficult, but be sure the new home is quite possible.

The most effective baths with sea salt have been proven. If not, can you kitchens. For the preparation you should do not pour a pack of salt in the bath water at a comfortable temperature (

much too cold, but not too hot). The procedure itself will be 15-20 minutes.

After taking a salt bath is not vytirat'sya-action should be dry. Enough обмыться in the shower and Pat the skin lightly with a soft towel. The desired effect on platelet moisturizer or ointment is applied.

The treatment, the application of celandine

Celandine herb, whose name speaks for itself, it perfectly cleanses the body. Recipes of various diseases with this plant has long been applied, in particular for the treatment of Psoriasis.

Apply, the Mediterranean is possible in various ways:

псориаз5• Herbal baths. For the procedure, you need the leaves of the plant, with hot water, and cooking. Solution infused for one hour, then poured into the prepared pan.
• Is used for the recording in Infusion, prepared by: celandine(2 tbsp), walnuts (1 tbsp), mint (1 tablespoon), BlackBerry leaves (2 tablespoons). The resulting mixture was poured in 1.5 liters of boiling water and insist 1 hour. The course of treatment – 1 week, 2 times a day for 1 tablespoon.
• Juice of celandine is used for the intake of 100 ml is added to a drop of fresh juice. The agent takes after a meal for 21 days. Every day the number of the juice rises on a drop.
• For local application at home ointment, preparing with celandine (2 tea spoon), fat (100 G) and Flucinar ointment (15 grams). The components of the ointment to mix and infuse for three days. Twice a day the agent is on the affected areas. Course – five days.
• Ointment of Vaseline and celandine. The received mixture is rubbed into the skin once a day.


Herbs are not only able to remove the symptoms of Psoriasis, you cleanse the body and skin, improve the metabolism. Fitosyr'e is used for wiping the skin, for the preparation of Vannes, and for oral administration in combination with systemic therapy.

Fast and long-lasting effect of the following recipes:

• The root sarsapelya (sarsaparilla, smilaks) in an amount of 20 grams of finely crushed and used for 10 hours you have to pour a Liter of water. After the fact, a means to cook for 20 minutes, Filter and take inside, until it is hot (part of the broth you can drink later, but on the same day). Course – three weeks.
• Black elderberry (2 teaspoons), pour 5 liters of water and insist during the day. Dose – half a Cup three times per day.
• The branches of the dog rose, burned and the ashes mixed in equal amounts with petroleum jelly. Means, you rubbing the affected area.
• If the Psoriasis amazed nails, hands, or feet, effective use of the bath on the basis of the calamus, succession, St. John's wort or nettle.
• Baskets young sun flowers are crushed and with white dry wine. The mixture drain for 2 days, and applied as a compress on the tile.
• Half a Cup twice a day, drink the Infusion of hops, nettle, mugwort and licorice root (ratio 1:1:1:3). A large spoon collection 10 hours, poured a Liter of boiling water. The course of treatment – up to a year to prolong Remission.


In the opinion, that the Solarium converge to a positive effect on the body, worsening of Psoriasis, all the doctors. There are a variety of studies have shown that:

• The type of Psoriasis is "Plaque" UV rays well-dried skin and promote quick healing of ulcers.
• Procedure can "disguise" Plaque Psoriasis.
• In the case of Psoriasis is "drop", especially in the Winter, in the body a lack of Vitamin D3. And in this case, the Solarium is able to compensate.

For a rapid effect to achieve, it is important that the correct ratio of UV-rays. A positive effect on the plates, the rays of type A (300-400 Nm in length) and beam B (length up to 311 Nm). The first session – 5 minutes and gradually increase the time.


Diet in Psoriasis is an integral part of the therapy. Its main principles are:

• The meals are often, but in small quantities.
• In the menu inadmissible presence of citrus fruits, chocolate, and other vysokoalergennyh products.
• You can not eat foods contain dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers and other additives.
• Prohibited alcohol, even in small quantities.
• Food that can be easily abandoned to digest.
• Meat and dairy products can increased fat content.

Internal Remedies

As an effective internal Folk remedies proven:

• A decoction of Laurel. 20 G of raw, 0.5 liters of water and boil to pour on the fire for 10 minutes. Take 100 ml of the food.
• Tomlenoe flame retardants on the Basis of fat nutrii. For the preparation of 200 gr. Fat filled with a bottle of vodka, a Liter of honey, 500 ml Aloe juice. Place the mixture in a clay pot and goes on 4 hours in the oven heated to 180 gr. Take 15 ml three times per day.
• The Infusion of malt. In a Liter of boiling water for 4 hours 2 tablespoons of malt to be brewed. Take 6 times a day 100 ml.

How to home cure psoriasis on the head

In the fight against the psoriasis on the head and special Shampoos can help, for sale in pharmacies:

• Media with sulfate, selenium and hloroksinom – promote the efficient cleaning of the scalp in the early stages of the development of the disease.
• Shampoo with ketokonazolom effect neutralized fungi, to eliminate itching and dandruff.
• Pharmaceutical products containing tar coal Shampoos, the washing rubbed into the skin at 2 hours and only after.
• Shampoos with zinc piritionom – help only in the beginning and as a prophylactic measure.

Cooking Tool can be really effective and at home:

• Celandine grass, chereza, horsetail mixed in a ratio of 2:4:1, and 2 tablespoons of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water. The mixture soak on the steam bath for 30 minutes, then filtered, and rubbed into the inflamed skin. The procedure is every two days.
• To be mixed in equal parts, nettle, hop cones, root calamus root, celandine, calendula flowers. Proportions: a part of the leaves on two roots. The mixture is poured a Liter of boiling water, and Matures on the steam bath. Is an infusion for washing the hair three times a week.
• A good effect, and the scalp massaged the oils of rosemary, almond, peanut, or cypress. Is applied to the middle of the night, then the head is wearing a hat.