Treatment of Psoriasis folk remedies, grandma's recipes for head, feet and body

There are many recipes of traditional medicine, where people are cured of the diverse and complex diseases. Are no exception and for years proven Folk remedy for Psoriasis. The effectiveness of people to help sometimes in the location of medicine to make sure. Because the psoriasis is not up to the end studied disease, which are not always amenable to medical treatment.

Sadly, the fact that up to the end of it be cured remains impossible, because there is no such a drug, that would help. In spite of the large number of modern methods for this serious disease, it is not the people cure Psoriasis folk medicine. Paired with the medicine to manage, if not cure disease, reach out to him long-term Remission.

It is important


It is worth noting that most of the medications of Psoriasis is an effect on the hormones of people and provoke errors. In connection with the presence of many side effects of these drugs, the Situation in many cases only tightened. There is not always a guarantee for full recovery, but also the positive results of such therapy are many.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that is not yet invented medicine to cure fully. The usual treatment of psoriasis takes several months or even years.

When talking about folk remedies, grandma's recipes are sometimes so strong and diverse that you will help to be faster with the illness. Ointments, compresses, infusions, decoctions are made of such components that promote the Regeneration of the skin and help the disease to defeat it from the inside. Casket with such recipes is fully required of the first and at the same time really effective recipes for the preparation of the conventional products.

The folk recipes of psoriasis

It is important that all traditional methods of treatment of Psoriasis to be agreed with the doctor. Just in case, if there are no contraindications, and allergic reactions, possible benefit of such therapy.

For internal use

The application of infusions, decoctions plays a very important role. With the help of such methods, the blood cleaned, restored and improved the function of the digestive tract, normalizes the function of the Central nervous system, increases immunity.

Broth Bay Leaf

For the broth you will need an average of 7 Laurel-leaf, brew in 2 tbsp boiling water and leave to languish on the fire for 10 minutes. With broth strain. Drink the medicine on national ½ Cup morning and evening for 7 days. This is the simple folk treatment of psoriasis and at the same time effective.

A decoction made of herbs

For this broth such herbs need:

  • Chamomile Flowers - 4 Tbsp. L;
  • St. John's Wort – 4 Tablespoons. L;
  • Pansy – 3 Tbsp. L;
  • the leaves of cowberry – 2 tbsp. L.

All herbs should be mixed. A tablespoon of herbs poured 1 tbsp of boiling water, infuse for half an hour. In the finished broth 1 tbsp added. L. Eleutherococcus. With the use of this drug, you must in the morning.

The Infusion of celandine

This Infusion is quickly soaked, cooked 1 TSP herbs, 1 tbsp of boiling water. After infusions less than 30 minutes for Infusion is ready for use. Medication drink three times a day, 30 minutes before a meal. It is important that the exact doses of greater celandine poisonous.


Decoction of barley

For the preparation of this broth 2 tbsp. L. flour, malt of barley, filled with 1 Liter of boiling water and infuse for 4 hours. Medium drink in sifted than 6 times a day ½ Cup. The taste can be improved a little with the help of small quantities of honey or sugar.

Infusion of rhizomes burdock and dandelion

You need to take 1 tbsp. L. plant, pour 200 ml of boiling water and boil on the fire for 10 minutes. Strained Infusion is in the Form of heat 3 times 100 ml.

Tea with herbs

This tea prepares your herbs:

  • Strawberry Leaves – 6 Tbsp. L;
  • the black currant leaves – 5 tbsp. L;
  • Burdock – 4 Tbsp. L;
  • Nettle – 4 Tablespoons. L;
  • Yarrow – 3 Tbsp. L;
  • Pansy – 3 Tbsp. L.

All of these ingredients are mixed. For the preparation of tea, you need 1 tablespoon of the mixture pour 400 ml of boiling water. Tea to drink 3 times a day ½ Cup.

Infusion repeshko

The preparation of this Infusion includes mixing 1 tbsp. L. repeshko and 1 tbsp. of boiling water. In die-cast and strained Infusion take 4 times a day 30 minutes before eating ¼ Cup. With the help of this national remedy for psoriasis, cooked in the home, can not establish to achieve long-term Remission of the disease, but also the function of the digestive system.

Sea buckthorn oil

Cure psoriasis with traditional methods are possible, if the daily will helps consumed within 1 TSP sea buckthorn oil, a valuable product of nature against many diseases.

A balanced diet

Not only the drug therapy, and folk remedies help in the treatment of psoriasis, but also the food. It is important to exclude from your menu are fried foods, eggs and spicy food. The diet should consist of plenty of vegetables, fruits, dairy products. It is important to pay special attention to the Regime of drinking water.

For external use

With these methods, the folk medicine helps to quickly defeat Psoriasis, eliminate swelling and redness.

It is the value of folk-ointments that help good to mention that of the psoriasis.

Ointment out of the egg


For the preparation of ointments 1 raw egg, 1 tablespoon requires vinegar, 1 tablespoon of Butter. All of these components, carefully mixed, and for 7 days in a cool place to go. This home remedies for Psoriasis on the inflamed lesions on the body, during 6-10 days.

Ointments of lard

Cooked this ointment on the Basis of such components:

  • ½ Cup of lard;
  • ½ Cup of caustic cleaning (grass);
  • 2 tbsp. L. Camphor.

Grease mixed with grass, skipped through a meat grinder. In a mixture of camphor added and heated with stirring.

Lotion from celandine

A Folk remedy for the treatment of Psoriasis, in the initial stage of the Manifestation of the symptoms on the body. One of them – the juice of celandine. Enough to wipe the Plaque is only the beginning of Psoriasis, a mild Form of the disease receded.

Bath with herbs

This method of treatment helps not only psoriasis, but also of all the other problems in the layers of the skin, associated with irritation, rashes, itching.

For the preparation of the bath must be in the same quantities of such plants:

  • Sage;
  • Chamomile;
  • Two dental;
  • Celandine.

This mixture of herbs with boiling water poured in the ratio of 1:10, insist within 30 minutes and goes to the bathroom, filled with warm water.

The sea in the bathtub

For the implementation of this procedure, you must fill the bath with warm water and add a packet of cooking salt or sea salt. So a bath before sleep magnetized going for 7 days not only helps in the fight against the disease, but is also excellent tonic, nourishes the body, draining toxins.

Cured the psoriasis can be, taking advantage of the folk medicine for 3 days.

A Compress Of Garlic

For the production of this compress must be some more chives, medium-sized and turned it into mud, pour 1 tbsp. of boiling water. With a few hours of a compress used as a compress on the affected areas 2-3 times per day.

Lotion before bedtime

With the help of coffee mills, 50 G of mixed sorrel and 50 G of celandine dried sour. Turned into a powder-mixture is poured birch-tar. Compresses to the patient's condition to improve significantly.

Fish oil

Fish-Liver Oil

With the help of fish oil, on tile at least 3 times a day, can remove the unpleasant itching associated with the disease.

Folk remedies for Psoriasis on the head

Not always with the help of the methods to be cured of psoriasis. But you don't play the last role as adjuvant therapy in the fight against the disease. There are many effective recipes, to skin-to-win psoriasis of the scalp.

The Recipe №1

The preparation of this recipe on the basis of two ingredients:

  • 300 G Of Celandine;
  • 30 ml of dry red wine.

The grass is through the meat grinder, wrung out until the receipt of your juicing. In this juice wine is added. The ready to apply mixture from urinating on the affected areas of the skin of the head on 15 minutes. Then the head is thoroughly with warm water.

Recipe Number 2

Well, the lubrication of the head-alcoholic Infusion of celandine. He prepares from ¼ tbsp herbs, mixed with ½ Liter of alcohol. Within an hour, the mixture is then applied as intended. It is worth noting that this recipe may cause very harmful to the skin and irritation, so at the slightest unpleasant symptoms, the agent needs to immediately wash off the head and rinse Infusion of chamomile.

The Recipe №3

Helps in fighting of Psoriasis-Tool, based on the ashes of the stems of rose hips. You will receive the ashes. To do this, you need to burn the dry branches of the plant and collect in a clean container. Ash mixed with Vaseline 1:1 and it is used as an ointment. Daily use of this national spirit recipe gives positive results already after 7 days. Of his application, the hair quickly, therefore the head wash has to be polluted with soap every day with a tar-or special medical Shampoos.


The Recipe №4

Good wound healing and anti-inflammatory agent prepared from such components:

  • 1 tbsp. L. Honey;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 Tablespoon Of Baby Shampoo.

15 minutes, the medium is skin on the affected head then washed off with warm water.

Recipe Number 5

There are effective recipes from the psoriasis on the head for the intake. The Infusion of elderberry. A means of 1 tbsp elderflower, and 450 ml of boiling water. Elderberry is filled with hot water, infuse for an hour. Tincture drink three times a day, ½ tbsp., about an hour after taking.

Recipe Number 6

Compress, on the basis of peanut and olive oil is an excellent remedy for psoriasis on the head. Oil mixed in equal quantities, massage movements applied to the scalp before going to bed. Above, it is desirable to wear rubber bathing cap. In the morning after waking up, Massage-mask with ease, washed with water with Apple cider vinegar.

There are some rules that are important in the treatment of Psoriasis on the head:

  1. For hair washing should be the recommended Shampoos are elected.
  2. Comb only in the medium with natural bristles.
  3. Every day spend a disinfecting procedure.
  4. When combing hair, you should be very careful to not damage the tiles.
  5. As little as possible, to try to the hair by blow-drying.
  6. The recourse to the procedure, traumatizing cover of the head skin and provoke the emergence of Psoriasis.
  7. Serious illness forces you to make a short haircut, what will help with the necessary procedures.

Folk remedies for Psoriasis on the hands

Psoriasis on the hands is one of the most common diseases. It is very important to try to eat right, not miss carbon dioxide need-based, alcoholic drinks and to not forget about the rules of personal Hygiene. Not less, it is important to avoid stressful situations, because they are common causes for many diseases.

To achieve the good effectiveness in the treatment of Psoriasis, in case of simultaneous use of Folk medicines to indoor and outdoor:

  1. For a long time has proven to be an excellent remedy for psoriasis, birch tar. It is a good antiseptic, healing wounds and purifies the Epidermis. Enough means applying to the affected skin areas for at least 2 hours and then wash with water.
  2. Celandine Infusion, which improves every day after the morning procedures, the condition of the skin.
  3. For the production of this medium pot of milk to boil in aluminum. What remains on the walls of the ware, so-called scum, and a real cure, long-established psoriasis. Regular lubrication Hand this foam for 2 weeks, noticeable results.
  4. Internal application of Propolis and honey is an indispensable recipe in the fight against the disease. It is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for Psoriasis is not only on hands, but on the legs. For the preparation of ointments, you need 50 G of Propolis, 1 tbsp. L. milk, 4 capsules of Vitamin A. All these components to be mixed and Butter to dissolve. Use the ointment before going to bed. It not only helps to quickly get rid of Psoriasis, but also significantly rejuvenates, moisturizes the skin.

Psoriasis-treatment not only includes the necessary treatments and medicines in the interior. It is also important to take care of a healthy way of life of the patient, the absence of Stress, good nutrition and frequent stays in the open.