Psoriasis in children

Infantile Psoriasis is a unpleasant appearance, not just for the little patients, but also for their parents. Chronic disease causes anxiety and concern of the adult to the health of the children. Fortunately, the disease is not contagious refers to infections transmitted through contact with other children and household items. What are the causes of Psoriasis in children, and whether you heal him?

The causes of psoriasis

The life of a child is full of emotional outbursts, joys, worries, and physical activity much more as an adult. The body physiologically and psychologically vulnerable, resulting in most of the causes of psoriasis. The doctors you have in a list:

  • In the first place, the genetics. If a parent of the child sick of Psoriasis, the inherits in 25% of cases, the child has the disease. In the disease of both parents the risk increases up to 50-70%.
  • A strong Allergy. Children eat a lot of foods with serious allergens (chocolate, seafood, citrus fruits, berries). In this way, the body, you cause Stress the digestive system and has a negative influence on the nervous system of the small patients.
  • Stress associated with the physical action. Found that about 18% of the children, cases of Psoriasis, it deserves due to physical stress (hypothermia, severe wear, heat stroke).
  • Mental Tension. The small body is emotionally unstable, he is hard experiencing the death of a loved one, the scandals in the family, problems of communication in the school, situational fears. The task of parents is to reduce such excitement.
  • Metabolic disorders caused by incorrect nutrition, if the parents are not behind the menu of your child.

Diagnosis of childhood Psoriasis

Specialists enough the first signs of psoriasis in children, a diagnosis physical examination the little patient. For the exclusion of other skin diseases that are more common in children, occurring in, assigned to the BIOS copy (scrape) the skin, and blood and urine tests.

What forms of Psoriasis sick children? In order to understand how psoriasis in children, looks you need to know its shape. Doctors, the disease share a couple of basic types:

  • Patchy Form. Staphylococcal infection provoked. Skin rashes are the reddish patches with a size of up to 1 cm guttate Psoriasis in children on the feet, hands, torso. With a weakened immune system and susceptibility to disease area of sun spots is increasing.
  • Asymmetrical Shape. Type of disease affects the joints of the extremities. The external signs of the Psoriasis in children is on the hands, combined with pain syndrome, if the child complains that he's injured Finger. This kind of could in psoriatic Arthritis, which is much more dangerous for the health.
  • Pustular Form. In children rarely develops. Is celebrated the appearance of small papules, gradually merge into a large patch. In severe cases, the skin rash completely cover the body.
  • Erythrodermic Appearance. Accompanied by inflammation and edema areas.
  • Vulgar Form. The psoriasis occurs on the head in children in the Form of pink spots. In the location of the small and large joints beat. Can be seen in the same places.

Symptoms of psoriasis in children

You notice the first symptoms of psoriasis in children is difficult, because the disease manifests itself unobtrusively to a small spot. Spot attracts the attention of the child, it does not itch, does not hurt Baby complaining parents. Skin rashes on the head are seen less often, if the daughter or the son, thick hair, and the number of rash to a minimum.

The easiest to recognize Psoriasis in children in the face as papules on the cheeks, forehead, ears line. Rashes can be accompanied:

  • Itching;
  • severe redness of the skin;
  • Chills and fever.

Particularly strong, the disease manifests itself in those areas of the skin, which is closely in contact with the clothes. Friction fabric over the affected areas causing itch and inflammation, it may hurt the Epidermis, resulting in Progression of the disease. New papules quickly be converted to large Plaques, which are interconnected and form a stain to 5 inches in diameter. What are the methods for dealing with the disease modern medicine?

The possibilities of the treatment of child Psoriasis

Modern methods of treatment of Psoriasis in children are sufficiently effective, the progress of the pathology. Completely clean the body of a disease do not get it. In the case of the little patient, the hospital stay is primarily to determine to take the stage and type of disease, as well as the right tactics to treat them.

Drug Therapy

In the drug therapy of childhood Psoriasis the same drugs used in the treatment of diseases in adults. The little patients can be assigned to:

  • Sedatives Sedatives (Motherwort, Valerian). Drugs reduce the emotional arousal of the child and warns of the aggravation of the chronic process. Particularly useful such funds in the school age, when the rhythm of the life of the children changes.
  • Desensitizing and debilitating allergic reaction, drugs (5% calcium gluconate or 10% calcium chloride). On the background of Allergy Plaque is inflamed, severe discomfort child.
  • If itching child constantly interferes, take antihistamines, medications at a dose of age.
  • Sedative to reduce the physical activity of children help to protect against injuries caused by the affected areas.
  • B-vitamins Administered drugs by injection. The course of the recording 10-20 stitches.
  • Vitamins C and A.
  • Blood transfusion combined with a weekly administration of Albumin.
  • Pyrogen, to improve the permeability of the blood vessels. Drugs are able to reduce the speed of cell division of the skin, prevents the formation of new Plaques.
  • In some cases, if the disease runs hard, glucocorticosteroids.

Listed drugs.the Patient is always in a hospital or under the supervision of a physician

The use of external resources

Important agents for the treatment of Psoriasis as ointments, creams, and lotions. Use for the treatment of the affected zones.

When in children the psoriasis in the face or head, apply euphyllinic or papaverine ointments. The drug is rubbed in soft movements, being careful not to strong surface of platelets interfere.

For hands and feet, it is useful to have a Bandage with salicylic acid, sulfur, tar or prednisolone ointments. Ointment to the affected areas, apply, wrap in cellophane, and seal it with a bandage, leave the bandage for the night. Under the influence of the medical composition of the Plaque is soft, and their severity is reduced, the flakes fall.

Local applications with the addition of sapropel improve the water household of the skin, alleviate inflammation and itching. If skin rashes affect the whole body, using sapropel for medicinal baths.

For More Spa Treatments

In addition to tablets and ointments in the treatment of Psoriasis in children Physio use treatments. Sedatives baths and UV-irradiation reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease, to facilitate his since, save for the little patients of the complaints in the Form of itching and pain.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on how knowledgeable the causes to eliminate, from the triggering of disease. So, for the small patients, Psoriasis health sufferers in the compulsory dental. The process assists in the identification and elimination of foci of infection (dental caries).

Prevention of child Psoriasis

Also, the knowledge of the causes of the formation of Psoriasis, the disease is difficult to predict, especially to determine exactly when it can occur. Not to build because the child is able to self-reduce their life so that the risk of a disease, parents must comply with the preventive Mission.


What is important to remember?

Parents should always keep in mind that the psoriasis is a incurable disease, a child for a lifetime. If you the childhood you teach him to dress properly, eat, personal hygiene to be observed, in the future it will be easier to carry the disease and it is not in a severe Form.

Of course, if someone from the adult sick of Psoriasis, prevents his son or his daughter, is almost impossible. If you eliminate other causes, so can you. Follow these rules:

  • Keep children away from the mental and physical strain. Try to avoid the family scandals from the eyes of a son or daughter. Make sure that the child is not long in the cold, not such a big load on your body physically, and was not long in the sun with the naked head, to get a heat stroke.
  • You buy Baby clothes, made from natural materials, which no chemical dyes.
  • Carefully nutrition of children build. In the menu of the babies no products with strong allergenic character. Eliminate the courts, which is already an allergic reaction in your child caused.
  • If a child is prescribed sick with a cold or other illness, give him drugs, from the doctor. Do not self-medicate.
  • Any, even the most harmless, in your opinion the medicine which can enhance the disease process, and provide you a lot of discomfort to your treasure.