How to treat Psoriasis on the elbows

In most cases, the development of Psoriasis begins with the defeat of the skin of elbows and knees.

To cure In an early stage of psoriasis the easiest way, so that the feast, not with an appeal to your doctor if you have changes to the skin is necessary.


Symptoms early stages of psoriasis elbow

Psoriasis – a disease that causes the development of not yet installed up to the end. It is believed that the impulse for the emergence of cutaneous changes disorders of the immune system, metabolism, Psycho-emotional Stress. Predisposition to Psoriasis, and the genetic level.

The beginning stage of psoriasis on the elbows due to the formation of each of the inflamed elements. They are painted in small, dark-pink color. After a few days of rashes from above, covered by a characteristic silvery Patina is dead skin.

The absence of the timely begun treatment leads to the Fusion of adjacent elements – appears to be a large Plaque, with clear, but jagged edges. These edges are as a scalloped, or polycyclic. They are caused by creeping each other and merging Plaques.

Scaly Plaque, fraying slightly at the radi, but with him removed, and a thin film. This film is a pink-red skin with drops of blood. This phenomena of the "Stearin spot" and "blood dew", pathognomonic for psoriasis. Phase lesions in the Progression of the disease is spread most commonly on the skin of the forearm.

The opposite development of psoriatic plaque begins with your Central part on the site but now decided elements, the areas of changes in skin color. Psoriasis on the knees, it shows the same changes, what is and ulnar Form of the disease.

Well-being with the defeat of the small area of the body is not affected. Sometimes the strong itching interferes leads to detangle elements and, accordingly, deteriorates within. Itching talks about the development of the herd and increasing your. In this case, the peripheral itch.

How to treat psoriasis on the elbows, you can learn from a dermatologist immediately after the first signs of skin changes. The purpose of adjuvant therapy with systemic and external means to stop the further development of the Psoriasis-elements and helps to keep the disease under control.

Principles of treatment of psoriasis elbow


If a psoriasis on the elbows, the treatment will depend on how the pathology manifested and whether concomitant diseases. Therapy must be comprehensive, there are fast eliminating the outward symptoms of the pathology, and minimizes the likelihood of relapse. To appoint patients with Psoriasis, regardless of the Form of the disease:

  • The local treatment. The appointment of lotions with anti-inflammatory, regenerating and softening components is necessary, even if the psoriatic changes cover a small area of the elbow and cause no unpleasant sensations.
  • Systemic Treatment. Medicines for internal use, selected on the basis of the severity of the disease. In severe cases, the intake of hormones shows that funds granted immunity. In the first Phase of the human body, the more the intake of Vitamin needs-complex and in the use of drugs, the metabolic processes.
  • Hardware possibilities of the treatment. Phototherapy, laser therapy, and other methods, physiotherapy curatio improve the micro-circulation, accelerates healing and reduce inflammation.

Treatment regimen for each patient will be selected with ulnar Psoriasis doctor. According to the statistics, the independent choice of the drugs is not the desired result, and sometimes leads to a deterioration of the skin.

In addition to the use of special drugs in the treatment of psoriasis be used and folk methods. But they are considered additional, but not the most important type of therapy.

Ointment of psoriasis elbow

Ointments is selected on the basis of the elbows symptoms of Psoriasis. If pronounced swelling, redness, and rashes can spread rapidly, and their formation is accompanied by itching, funds are allocated with glucocorticosteroids it.

You can use this short course, the observation of nuances apply. Continued use can appoint to serious complications, so the doctor can.

Cure psoriasis in the early Phase of the disease can be and ointments, not with hormones:

  • Ointments with malt. Apply to the psoriasis on the elbows for the reduction of scaling and itching.
  • Ointments on the Basis of birch tar. The natural ingredients of medications from this group propositum infiltrates and destroy germs, the prevention of the infection of the skin.

Ointment Psoriasis on the elbows up to complete disappearance of Psoriasis cells. In Remission of the elbows and the surrounding areas of the body should also constantly lubricate the end of the creams do, this prevents the formation of new Plaques.

Cure for Psoriasis on the elbows for external use should not cause allergic reactions and other negative changes in health, or on the skin. If in the first days of therapy, the skin condition worsens, required a doctor to Revision of the planned treatment.

Systemic Treatment

How to get rid of psoriasis on the elbows, with the System-drugs, should explain to the attending physician. In the early phase of the pathology hormonal agents are not used. In most cases, prescribed:

  • Chelators. The most important property of these drugs – substances, the ability for the binding and elimination of toxins and waste products from the body. The cleaning of the digestive system leads to an improvement of the entire process of digestion and stabilizes the metabolic processes, and it has a positive effect on the condition of the patient. You drink these medicines from a course after 2-3 weeks, repeat 2-3 times per year.
  • Antihistamines Medications. The treatment of psoriasis on the elbows with the help of antihistamines to reduce itching and Irritation, which positively affects the recovery of the skin.
  • Vitamins. The Regeneration of the skin are improved if the Patient receives the vitamins A, E, ascorbic acid, vitamins of group B. In the case of Psoriasis on the elbows and the knees, it is important that the correct type and dosage of vitamins, there is a glut of them may also be an exacerbation of the disease provoke.

Treatment of psoriasis on the elbows, the duration of systemic therapy and the need for the use of prescription drugs in Remission, the doctor according to the inspection and examination of the patient.

Traditional methods of treatment

People with Psoriasis to get rid of me in the hood, the outer appearance of the disease, natural remedies and methods. Similar treatment in the proper selection of the recipes is safe and often stops the exacerbation of the disease at the beginning of their development.

But the methods do not act immediately. To assess the action required, can the treatment with a duration of a few days to several months.

In the setting of exacerbation of psoriasis elbow Bad, use take self-prepared ointments and decoctions of herbs that strengthens the immune system and normalizes metabolism.

Trays of broth celandine, succession, chamomile flowers. For the preparation of the curative solution requires a part of the plant, and 10 parts of water. All herbs can concatenate both individually and together. Boiled broth, incubated for 30 minutes, then it dipped elbows with psoriatic rashes.

Treatment time – in front of the cooling of the water. Then the elbow, careful drying, and after drying, ointment, grease it with nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. The psoriasis to get rid of, for one to two weeks, therapeutic baths every day to do.

In the case of psoriasis, the area of the joints often ointment to RUB on the base of vinegar. For the preparation need to take:

  • an egg;
  • Vinegar (9 %) in an amount of a Cup;
  • a glass of melted Butter.


  • The ingredients are mixed.
  • The mixture shimmers in a container with a lid.
  • Ripens a week in the fridge.

Ready ointment psoriatic elements lubricate 6-8 times a day.


How to cure psoriasis forever and is it possible? Unfortunately, a positive answer to that yet. The disease is considered chronic, acute happen to a few times per year.

If in time to start treatment, take note of the recommendations of the doctor and the prevention of exacerbations, the can live live with this disease in peace, but the psoriasis you should keep it under control.

It must not be forgotten that the first signs of psoriasis can destroy, is also connected to a healthy lifestyle. For example, if you increased 15-20 kg, no advice and treatment from him does not help, as the normalization of body weight.