Psoriasis in the face: symptoms and treatment

Psoriasis is one of the most unpleasant skin diseases. Most often, psoriatic lesions on the limbs and trunk. And can be psoriasis in the face? Unfortunately, a lot of unpleasant experiences, ill, suffering from this disease.

Symptoms of psoriasis in the face

Symptoms of psoriasis in the face

The first Phase of Psoriasis in the face is usually manifested in the late autumn or in Winter. In this time the skin is particularly vulnerable. Harbinger of the disease, the itching is unbearable. Symptoms beginning stages of psoriasis in the very face of food allergies, or ordinary irritation is similar to on the skin: inflamed patches of small size (about a pinhead) appear to be localized mainly on the forehead or the cheeks. However, over time will increase in size and merge to adjust the compacted nodules — nodules, the pale-red hue. Particularly intensively this does not happen, when combing papules, do what absolutely, because in place of scars. Gradually, skin rashes start plating nasolabial triangle and the wings of the nose, of the frontal Zone, lips, penetrate the hair, perekidyvajutsja on the ears and covers virtually the entire front area.

Further signs of the disease may be described as "the combination of the three phenomena":

  • Tile envelop soft flakes;
  • In the further separation of the scales under you found the scarlet skin, as if covered with a gloss (Terminal-foil);
  • If you still have the skin scrub, to flow it will start and run in small droplets of blood (blood Tau).

In adulthood, most commonly the seborrheic Psoriasis in the face with the characteristic Psoriasis "crown" — a collection of papules at the border with a part of the head. Purulent crusts, which arise in the process of rastreskivajutsja, resulting in pretty severe pain. For children more typical version of Psoriasis of the skin, the so-called Teardrop. At the beginning of the disease it is too banal diathesis.


Psoriasis, including Psoriasis of the face, not without reason, as one of the most enigmatic diseases. The debate about its Genesis, not letting up until now. There are among the professionals the followers of the primary condition endocrine, autoimmune, psychosomatic theories, and lately becoming more and more popular genetic theory of the origin of Psoriasis. To what extent is this confirmed and the ubiquitous statistics which claims that one in three of the four cases of this Dermatosis is someone from the close relatives also. Does not cause special disputes among the experts, perhaps the only three circumstances:

  • The disease carries polietiologichesky character: can't explain its origin, from a base;
  • This pathology can to years, to decades, to a stable Remission, but the final healing of your not coming;
  • the transmission of Psoriasis by direct contact: it is not contagious.

As it was, but psoriatic lesions, which are able to cover almost all areas of the body, including those not to hide yourself from the gaze of the other, provide psychological complaints, in the first place – the patients.

Types of Psoriasis in the face

Even the disease has a quite complicated classification with many varieties. According to the type of infiltration conditionally can be divided into two large groups: with pustular and non-pustular occur. Strange that each of the types has a lesion of his own "privilege". This is especially true for the not the under the General classification of isolated types, for example, seborrheal similar symptoms. This fact helps allow the doctors an accurate diagnosis, and to choose the optimal tactics of treatment.

The severe forms of differences in mild and severe forms of Psoriasis, depending on the total area of the lesions and systemic symptoms of the disease.

It should be noted that the Person belongs to the typical sections of psoriatic lesions. In any case, the characteristic of him exactly seborrheic vulgar Form of Psoriasis, which later extends to the border with the hair blanket and, under him, of the sentence, at first glance, the impression of the ordinary shed.

The stage of the disease

Psoriasis of the face marked by the rapid development of the receptivity of the skin in this area. The initial phase of psoriasis on the face we have already reported in detail. The Phase, which is considered stationary, if the tile purchase, bright color tones, the Form of papules is roundish, covered with silvery scales. In General, these transformations will manifest themselves in the course of the month after the emergence of the disease.

The next level is available, all adopted. In this stage, the Plaques are almost not highlighted on the skin and pale. The desire, she goes to comb, papules cincta sealing and corneum labrum. Such a process takes an average of two months to half a year.

as the cure of Psoriasis on the face

As the cure of Psoriasis on the face?

The treatment of diseases concerned with the doctor-a dermatologist, with the first suspected case of Psoriasis visit with him is not worth scare: how it starts earlier treatment, fast facial Psoriasis goes into Remission. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the treatment of Psoriasis is a long and complex process. Any miracle cure, there is not, and therapy includes a comprehensive solution with application of different mechanisms of action.

Ointments for the treatment of Psoriasis in the face

The most effective way to combat the disease, the external resources in the Form of ointments, lotions, creams. Wide application due to its effectiveness ointment for the face of the psoriasis: how to hormonal and do not contain hormones. So, the first have a strong, but short-term exposure, since they quickly lead to addiction of the organism and subsequent new round of aggravation. To treat hormonal medications, especially psoriasis on the face in adults. Non-hormonal effect gradually, however, provide Remission over a longer period of time.

As a face smear with psoriasis?

Well-known non-skin-hormonal agents for the treatment of Psoriasis of the face:

  • for the elimination of the peel-salicylic ointment, and mixed salicylic use-zinc is anti-inflammatory and dry the affected skin;
  • excellent anti-inflammatory indications have ointments, the basis of which is the presence of tar or grease;
  • Ointment of zinc protects the skin against negative environmental, reduces swelling, combats inflammation;
  • a overwhelming effect on diseased cells have an ointment with Vitamin D;
  • antipruritic effect are known for oil-based products, especially, if the acute Phase of the disease ends and begins the recovery;
  • for the moisturizing of the skin ointment is applied to the base of the plant extracts with the content of calendula, celandine, chamomile and other medicinal plants.

Hormonal ointments differ by the power of his Ministry: from a relatively weak to a stronger one.

Usually an ointment for the face of of psoriasis to apply before bedtime, when the body is in the rest – here, the therapeutic effect is much higher.

Due to the numerous side effects of hormonal medications, you should with a high degree of caution and only according to the doctor. Self-treatment is strictly prohibited – it can lead to irreversible consequences for health.

Procedural Therapy

In addition to the specified medication physiotherapy applied.

Excellent sedation give the daily sessions of the electric dream, from 20 minutes up to half an hour within at least a week. Photochemotherapy, UV-rays and appointed a doctor in times of illness, loss and wear to increase the period of Remission. In some cases, can be assigned x-ray-irradiation in the affected areas. Safer in this respect is the laser therapy.

The perfect complement to the basic treatment, the sanitary-and-therapy.

Drug Treatment

About drugs, they are prescribed only in the case of chronic and advanced forms in the treatment of seborrheic Psoriasis in the face. These Tools include, among others:

  • Cytostatic drugs slow down the division of epitelyarnyh cells, in the Form of, for example, methotrexate;
  • Immune-dampening type of Cyclosporin A, the course of autoimmune processes;
  • Glucocorticoids for internal use;
  • biologically active substances Avastin and alefacept, block the proliferation of abnormal cells.

Taking all of these drugs only under medical supervision.

Folk remedies for Psoriasis on the face

The treatment of Psoriasis in the face folk medicine also gives a positive result, but only if you apply under the supervision of a physician and in combination with other methods of combating the disease. In the Basis of traditional medicine – natural ingredients, so they are not recommended even in the treatment of children. Recommended for all types of herbal tinctures, baths with drug-decoctions, ointments, and masks for the face in the case of psoriasis, the recipes for "grandma's". For example, a good calm the skin salt mask on pre-cleansed face (the best is sea salt), coal tar, masks, and ointments. The good effect of sea buckthorn oil, as the external and internal application, but also lavender and coconut oil. It is recommended that the consumption of vegetables containing carotene, pumpkins, fruit, with red and orange coloring. A specific result is also homeopathic remedies.

Despite the complexity of the disease, the largest part of the treatment of Psoriasis in the face will be at home (with a few exceptions). Important is the accurate execution of the doctor's instructions, including:

  • a thorough Hygiene of the skin and protecting your from all sorts of negative impacts: mechanical, climatic, ecological;
  • the diet, especially in times of exacerbation of Psoriasis in the face. Irritating should and allergenic foods, tobacco and alcoholic products;
  • regular visit to the dermatologist

And now the answer to the main question: how to get rid of Psoriasis on the face?

Unfortunately, the disease is completely cure is impossible. As a result, the medical rules, observing prevention and support is, however, the right mental attitude, you can choose the duration of the periods of Remission maximize the preservation of the quality of life.