Psoriasis treatment: the list of the most effective means of

Psoriasis – one of the most mysterious and poorly treatable. Get rid of once and for all impossible. The only thing that you are sick, is to achieve a Remission. Wherein, with uniform and generally applicable global medical community's methods of treatment of psoriasis there is not, nor as a medicine, is guaranteed a hundred percent Offensive Remission.

Psoriasis Treatment

The tactics of treatment of this complex skin disease depends on a number of parameters:

  • Types of Psoriasis;
  • The age of the patient;
  • The presence of co-morbidities;
  • The severity and chronology of exacerbations;
  • Localization and size of the lesions.

The treatment of Psoriasis is almost always challenging: a part of the drugs and procedures aimed at the elimination of the causes of exacerbations of Psoriasis, it's supposed to. alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, but part of it is necessary for the maintenance of own protective forces of an organism The sad thing is that almost half of the patients helps, none of the three approaches to the treatment of psoriasis. And the drug, had the to drive thousands of people with psoriasis are in permanent Remission for several years, with great probability, no effect at all on the other thousand.

In this article we will discuss all of the currently known means and methods for the treatment of Psoriasis, even the most contentious, and do our best to answer the question of where you start, the man who heard from a doctor, and the unfortunate diagnosis. While common methods, procedures, and drugs managed an impressive statistic for your effectiveness.

A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of methods for the treatment of Psoriasis

According to the results of numerous surveys, people with Psoriasis, the hit parade of the best methods of treatment of this disease looks something like this:

  • 37% ointment on the basis of the oil processing;
  • 33% - adherence to a special diet – that is, renunciation of the products, whose use has provoked exacerbation of Psoriasis;
  • 26% - the change of climate, balneotherapy, and Spa treatment. Almost a third of the patients noted the improvement of health in connection with the relocation to the grounds, where the mild Maritime climate and the clean air. With the same number of patients with Winter exacerbation avoid the annual vacation in the Sanatorium.
  • 19% - salt baths – very effective in the context of the treatment, as well as home treatment. Sea salt contains potassium, Magnesium, iodine and other minerals, have positive effects on the skin affected by psoriasis, relieves itching and flaking, improve sleep, and even the patient through the relaxing effect on the nerve endings. It is recommended to acquire take in to the pharmacy with high-quality, natural sea salt bath, and 2-4 times a week in the night;
  • 14% ointment on the Basis of tar – good to relieve the itching and promote the healing psoriatic Plaques;
  • 12% - Selective photo – therapy physiotherapeutic method for the treatment of Psoriasis, based on a medical effect on the skin of the UV-radiation with a certain wavelength. All patients not suitable by far, but some can be for 1,5-2 months of regular treatments, held every two years to achieve Remission;
  • 12% - Strong hormonal ointments. First of all, a very good therapeutic effect, but the patient's condition deteriorates, one must use the ointment more often, and it always helps to get worse. A vicious circle, comparable to drug addiction. Prolonged use of such drugs leads to disfunction of the adrenal cortex and the gradual atrophy of the skin;
  • 12% - baths, steam baths, saunas and swimming pools – absolutely harmless, but ineffective method for the treatment of Psoriasis. In the opinion of the majority of patients, the stay in the steam room followed by a swim in the cool water for the time to soothe itchy, and secure a good night's sleep, which in itself is not bad. But there are also people in whom the psoriasis, on the contrary, escalated from excessive moisture and temperature fluctuations;
  • 12% sports and leisure – not a pleasant physical activity, be it Cycling, dancing, Hiking or playing football, contributing to the improvement of health, strengthening immunity, improving mood and self-esteem of the patient, has a positive effect on the course of Psoriasis;
  • 12% ointment on the Basis of Calcitriol or calzipotriola – these medicines the Epidermis, saturate the active Form of Vitamin D, well penetrate into the blood stream and normalizes the metabolism, and it is almost always leads to a decrease and gradual disappearance of the psoriatic Plaques. Of the minuses: expensive ointments, the best - German production, to be realized, in principle, under the order;
  • 10% - fasting – a radical method for the treatment of Psoriasis, allowing a Remission, or at least the reduction of skin lesions, almost all of the sick, but has a lot of contraindications. The courses of the therapeutic fasting is better in a hospital, and certainly not easy to start to take place to starve on your own, without the investigation and advice from specialists;
  • 10% ointment on the Basis of salicylic acid–, strictly speaking, not at all Psoriasis is treated, but also promote the healing of Plaques. After the skin has been cleaned from keratinized layer, it is advisable to start treatment with other agents, e.g., the same will protect with grease. This ointment is, in a sense, prepare the Epidermis, because it improves the absorption of active substances;
  • Herbal medicine
  • 10% - herbal medicine – this term refers to all the methods of treatment of Psoriasis with the help of medicinal plants, ointments, lotions, wipes, changing, taking decoctions and infusions inside. Good activity to show the roots of the burdock, calamus swamp, dandelion, wheat grass, chicory, cranberries, chamomile, two tooth, St. John's wort, celandine, nettle, raspberry, birch, marjoram, Valerian, and many other plants, however, the phytotherapy is always full of allergies and side effects;
  • 9% - Medical baths with turpentine and herbal decoction – a safer method for the treatment of Psoriasis, because the active ingredients act on the skin only for a short period of time. If you mean there are no contraindications for receiving medicinal baths, try to take them every second day for 20 minutes, adding the water, heated up to 38 degrees, pine turpentine oil, chopped plantain,decoction of birch buds, leaves, herbs, juniper, or Valerian;
  • 8% - in Weak and combined hormonal ointment, often do not apply during seasonal exacerbations of Psoriasis, to stop if no other methods excessive growth of Plaques, and the itching is unbearable. For the treatment of Psoriasis hormonal ointments should be approached very carefully, not to resort to it unnecessarily, and gradually lifted;
  • 8% - chelators – a good addition to a diet, help cleanse the intestines of debris and normalize as a result, the composition of the blood, which is not slowly a positive effect on the course of Psoriasis;
  • 7% - UV-irradiation and molten – some patients with Psoriasis help regular visits in the normal Solarium, especially in combination with the use of ointments on the Basis of active Vitamin D. However, the quartz lamp is preferable, if only because of the lower risk of development of Oncology with regular irradiation;
  • 7% - Vitamin therapy is a very controversial method for the treatment of Psoriasis, since in some patients therapeutic doses of vitamins, a rapid improvement of well-being, and in the other hand, the same fast deterioration with a strong Allergy and dyspeptic disorders in the trade;
  • 4% - a dietary Supplement – an inexhaustible source of profits of the pharmaceutical companies, for the psoriasis with chronic and purely individual in the course of – just a gold mine. Before buying Bada ask, what it is: not to prove, whether it actually is so that you have they been applied already, unsuccessfully, or, worse still, they began to aggravation;
  • 4% - immune modulators – heavy medication, apply to the Psoriasis treatment can be made only on the testimony of the immunologist and, on the basis of data immunograms, otherwise it will only make it worse;
  • 4% - Calcium-sodium salt (calcium chloride, sodium gluconate, sodium thiosulfate) – to stop sometimes with a short course of this injection can be worsening of psoriasis and reduce pain symptoms, but as an independent method to initiate the treatment of calcium and sodium is not taken into account;
  • 4% - Hepatoprotectors stimulate and maintain the function of the liver, and thus indirectly helps to detoxify the blood and to prevent the worsening of psoriasis. Without diets not work;
  • 4% - dental care – in some patients, exacerbation of psoriasis teeth caused by nedolečennyh, when the mouth is a constant source of inflammation and a breeding ground for bacteria, whose waste in the bloodstream. To help such patients, sometimes it is enough to heal caries;
  • 3% - cleaning of the body – is not only the cleaning of the intestine by the method of Colon hydrotherapy, but also cleaning rates for other organs: liver, lung, kidney. All of these activities have a positive effect on the course of Psoriasis;
  • 3% - therapy for parasite presence in the body of worms, Giardia, and other parasites inevitably leads to the poisoning of the products of their life activity, and the pollution of the blood the outbreak of Psoriasis. It is therefore recommended in all patients, the prophylactic Kal in the analysis;
  • 3% Hardware cleaning the blood, which is used in the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis in the hospital. There are very good therapeutic effect, but it is sufficient for a short period of time – about one and a half to two months;
  • 3% in Cosmetic creams and oils – a good exfoliation of the skin help, in particular in the application immediately after bathing or showering. The easier and more natural, the composition of the cosmetics, the better. You prefer Baby creams based on vegetable oils;
  • 3% psychic and healer lens, the efficacy of magic treatment of Psoriasis, for obvious reasons, not possible, but patients healers claim that recovered just through the meetings, and the cleaned skin, apply. Now, the power of suggestion is not repealed;
  • 3% anti-Inflammatory drugs for the treatment of psoriatic Arthritis – to avoid some patients with the usual Psoriasis taking these supplements helps, exacerbations prophylactic, of course;
  • Of 2.5% sulfuric acid, and sulfuric acid-zinc-ointment – protozoal drugs for the treatment of parasitic infections of the skin (scabies), but you can also have itching and reduce dandruff formation in the case of Psoriasis;
  • 2,5% - Purified, melt-water, an activated and a charged water – there are many techniques to give the simple therapeutic properties of the water, but with certainty we can only say that the drinking of such water psoriasis not overcome damage to your health, and here he helps to – this is the big question;
  • 2% - homeopathy – treatment microscopic doses of natural poisons, to perform the reaction of the immune response for the victory over the disease. In the case of psoriasis methodology is ineffective;
  • 2% and thermal therapy, infrared irradiation is a controversial method for the treatment of Psoriasis, as some patients warming caused exacerbation rather than improvement of well-being;
  • 2% - corticosteroid-injections – "fire brigade" technique to fall back on just in the hospital and only in the absence of other ways to help the patient severe Form of Psoriasis;
  • 2% - oatmeal baths – a safe and simple way to reduce inflammation and itching in psoriasis;
  • 2% - cytostatic agents – highly toxic drugs, destructive effect on the kidneys and the liver. Used for the treatment of life-threatening forms of Psoriasis and under strict medical supervision;
  • 1,5% - apitherapy – treatment of bee products, bee venom. The principle of apitherapy close to the homeopathy - it is expected that the venom stimulates the immune system of the patient. Sometimes it works, but let's not forget that bee venom – and this is still one of the strongest natural allergens;
  • 1,5% - Naftalan oil is a unique natural product, is acquired the same name, the Azerbaijani health resort Naftalan and used for the treatment of Psoriasis by applications and baths;
  • 1,5% - fungicides – drugs for internal and external treatment of fungal infections. Sometimes, to facilitate the condition of patients with Psoriasis, apply only on prescription from a doctor because of the risk of complications;
  • Paste Baths
  • 1% Yoga, Meditation, hypnosis, Motivation, neurolinguistic programming and other methods of management for the individual can be helpful in the treatment of Psoriasis, because the proper setting depends on the success of the recovery in any illness;
  • 1% of the paste bath is also quite good relieve itching and reduce flaking. The thickness can be very skin dry, but some patients are in need of just such an effect. For a procedure must be starch dissolved in a pot with cold water 800 G of potato, and then pour the solution into a warm bath;
  • 1% preparations containing Vitamin A, to offer a symptomatic treatment of psoriasis, as it is in the case of a deficiency of this Vitamin in humans, a tendency develops to dryness and flaking of the skin;
  • 0,5% acupuncture method, based on the effect with the help of fine needles on biologically active points of the organism in connection with the relevant bodies. Very controversial and unsafe method: it is, firstly, an expert in acupuncture, and secondly – a huge success that acupuncture works at all;
  • 0.5% in - bioresonance-and Wave-therapy – a modern physiotherapy techniques that have been proven to be very good, and not boast of the great progress in the treatment of Psoriasis;
  • 0.2% of the breathing exercises, laser therapy and other controversial methods that deserve attention, but it is hardly a positive result can guarantee.