Shampoos psoriasis: the most effective of what the head washing

Psoriasis on the head usually does not harm the hair, but intolerable itching is manifested. Through scratching papules Patient blanket of snow, traumatized, and in their place new elements appear. To avoid a deterioration of the symptoms of the disease, doctors use special Shampoos prescribe. This means anti-septic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal properties.

Shampoo for psoriasis

Types of Shampoos psoriasis

If for a serious illness, then the tiles are dense, crust, distributed over the whole head. Lesions appear on the hairline. The elements can go on the forehead and the ears. The main problem in this disease is a cosmetic defects in the Form of spalling, the interference of socialization. Even more severe Problem for the patient can be unbearable itch.

Many of the topical agent to the skin is ineffective or photo therapy for Psoriasis of the head: the hair and hinder the contact of the therapeutic substances with defeats.

Veil of the head needs more delicate care. Shampoos made of selected on the Basis of substances, which of the following steps:

  • clean the sore;
  • to mitigate;
  • Inflammation;
  • the elimination of fungi.

What is the Shampoo you wash your hair with Psoriasis? The most popular and recognized types of Shampoos are listed below:

  • coal tar;
  • antifungal;
  • Healing with medicinal products;
  • cosmetic;
  • Children;
  • hormonal.

Prior to application, the composition of the Fund must consider. In normal Shampoos, there are Lauryl sodium, the high stiffness of the dermatological. He aggravated the inflammation, the destruction of the protection of the intercession. Fragrances, dyes, preservatives, irritation and allergies, which are at a pathology not permitted.

The best Option for the patients with Psoriasis head — Hypo-allergenic products with nourishing components Glyceryl oleate, Cocoamid DEA, the concentration of sodium, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, citric acid, and others. In General, special neutral or Baby shampoo.

The most effective substance in this products: tar, salicylic acid, plant extracts, natural oils.

Medical Shampoos

Medical Shampoos of Psoriasis contains the components that help the symptoms of the pathology (zinc, ihtiola, salicylic acid).

Also effective products with zinc (in the Form of zinc with fungicides and anti bacterial properties). Substance is able to slow down the production of skin cells, the symptoms of scaling and reduce itching. Pyrithione zinc — one of the safest components for medical Shampoos, because the least side effects and is not harmful for the hair. It can be used in periods of Remission for the prevention, but only according to doctor's orders.

Coal Tar Shampoos

A tar Shampoo for psoriasis — a pretty effective and cheap way. But some patients reject his application because of the pigment of entry skin, hair and pungent smell. In the composition of birch, pine, and Juniper tar. The active substances in the inflamed veil, take all the alarming symptoms: burning, flaking, itching. There are Shampoos of various concentrations: 1%-20%. You will be twice per week. Tar-Shampoos are less effective than hormonal or curative, but the side-effects and spontaneous relapses pathology patients notice after its application is rare.

Tar inhibits the DNA synthesis of the cells, corrects the error of the differentiation of keratinocytes in Psoriasis patients, provides antimicrpobial, anti-inflammatory effect.

Antifungal Shampoos

Effect of Shampoos with antifungal effect in General, not aimed directly at the liberation of the psoriasis. But especially of the genus Candida, Malassezia) yeasts (able to grow and become one of the triggering factors of the pathology due to inflammation and Trauma of the intercession.

Such Shampoos to fight with fungal infection. Very effective complex antifungals and topical corticosteroids. Antifungal products of Psoriasis on the head:

  • Pyrithione Zinc, Selenium Sulfide, Propylene Glycol;
  • azoles;

Hormonal Shampoos psoriasis

Hormonal Shampoos relieve inflammation and itching, narrowing of the vessels. Positive results do not come quickly to meet the side effects when used properly almost. But with these funds, not more than four weeks.

hormonal Shampoo

The most effective propionate 0.05%, betamethasone dipropionate 0,05%. They belong to the group of the strongest and most effective steroid with a high risk of side effects.

Baby Shampoos

In the products of Psoriasis no content fragrances, dyes, harmful components. In a good Baby Shampoo just the healing seed and the useful substances the symptoms a very positive impact on the scalp of the child with the Psoriasis.

Most effective Shampoo for psoriasis can only appoint the expert. An incorrect therapy leads to multiple relapses and complications.