What is the psoriasis to do in the event of aggravation?

Worsening of psoriasis is one of the most serious problems in patients suffering from this disease. What to do in case of aggravation? The negative symptoms accompanied by psychological discomfort of the patient and REQUIRES a MEDICAL INTERVENTION.

The reasons for the development of exacerbations of Psoriasis in very different ways. Often there are relapses of the disease, when there is no triggering causes, that is, spontaneously. To remove therefore, in order to find out, such as worsening of psoriasis, you should understand, its provocative factors.


Factors contributing to the development of Psoriasis

The causes of exacerbations of Psoriasis is not fully understood. Relapses are accompanied by the location, negative symptoms, and last a long time.

Most of the development of the exacerbations can cause:

  • excessive physical stress;
  • Stressful situations, emotional breakdowns;
  • chronic infection of the body;
  • if a Patient is a violation of the endocrine system;
  • abrupt change of climatic conditions;
  • a wrong diet;
  • prolonged intake of certain drugs;
  • Alcohol Abuse, Smoking;
  • Irritant effect of household chemicals and cosmetics.

Aggravation can be observed at any time of the year, but the most common is psoriasis in autumn and Winter. This is possible because in the summer, the natural UV-radiation has a positive effect on the skin of the patient, by as prophylaxis against the development of Psoriasis.

In the period of exacerbation of Psoriasis (Winter and autumn) there is a LACK of SUNLIGHT AND the IMPACT of LOW TEMPERATURES ON the ORGANISM. So, in General, just in this time, the incidence of virus diseases which weakens the immune system and, accordingly, increases the body, makes him vulnerable.

It should be noted that sometimes there are atypical cases in which the psoriasis escalated in the summer and in the spring. In this case, solar radiation inflammatory process provoked on the skin. Such patients is recommended, in summer, the maximum protect your skin from the sun's radiation.

Development of acute symptoms

In General, recurrence of the Psoriasis is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Formation of papules, after the disappearance, which remains on the skin-bright-pink-foil;
  • besides, papules are there in the places of the damage to the skin;
  • the patient's skin is red, appears to be the unbearable itching and dandruff;
  • it is celebrated with the feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin.

In the case of the occurrence of such symptoms, you should see a skin doctor, since the treatment allows it to stop in a timely manner deterioration in the development of Psoriasis.


Worsening of the disease during the pregnancy and after the birth

During pregnancy, it can be observed in patients with Psoriasis exacerbation may in 10-20% of cases and an improvement of the General condition at the end of the first trimester (50% of cases). The last cause of this disease is not completely elucidated, but it is known that high estrogen and progesterone, is formed in this state, has an immunosuppressive effect, and the values of Cortisol promote anti-inflammatory effect.

Worsening of psoriasis during pregnancy, as well as its absence accepting, perhaps, given the history of previous pregnancies. In General, in 87% of cases, the subsequent pregnancy is progressing, as above. Many expectant mothers are concerned about the question of WHAT to DO in EXACERBATION of PSORIASIS AND HOW to AVOID IT?

It is important to remember that patients with a predisposition for Psoriasis manifestations should be observed during pregnancy, are constantly at the doctor. Otherwise, exacerbation of Psoriasis symptoms can lead to premature onset of parturition and the birth of the child with malnutrition.

Hormonal changes in the woman's body after birth and lactation rolled back "(Rebound effect)", when the psoriasis has developed at an accelerated pace. This is due to the fact that the body is reconstructed in consequence of the maternity Global. Of 16 examined patients after a birth, at 6 women psoriasis escalated to severe. At 8, there was an average deterioration, and only in the case of 2 young women as a result of the birth psoriasis has not been shown.

In General, after the birth is not recommended, drug treatment (except for pathological cases), so the probability of of medications via breast milk to the child.

Treatment in case of exacerbation of psoriasis

Since the causes of exacerbation can be varied, the disease should be treated comprehensively. This requires a special diet, physiotherapy, medication and prevention.


DIET. The basis of the treatment to an exacerbation of the Psoriasis is a hypoallergenic diet, so you should reconsider the diet and include more dairy products. A positive effect in the treatment of psoriasis has a vegetarian diet, when you eat, as much as possible fruits and vegetables, which regulates the work of the digestive tract. In addition, nutrition is the inclusion in the menu of fish is recommended, cooked without oil and bread with added bran.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease, there is not salted, smoked, fatty, fried and food in cans. Diet also prohibits eating of fast food and ready meals, sugar-containing sodas. We can not accept alcoholic beverages.

THE DRUG THERAPY. Note that the treatment accompanied by the taking of sedative, immune, Allergy medications, and intestinal chelators. In the development of severe symptoms is hormone treatment.

Traditional treatment includes:

  • sedatives appointed, as in the time of the acute Stress situations, and emotional stress are able to lead diseases complications;
  • for the decrease in the swelling and painful itching of the intake of antihistamines is recommended;
  • to fast toxins from the body assigned to the chelators;
  • the restoration of the intestinal flora is through the use of special drugs.

In addition, during the exacerbation, the doctor may prescribe folic acid and Alpha-lipoic acid, to accelerate skin Regeneration, and vitamin therapy.can

THE USE OF EXTERNAL RESOURCES. Neutralize acute symptoms of psoriasis can with the help of external medicines, the treatment we recommend in the first place. Positive effect in the case of aggravation of the following ointments:

  • Sulfuric acid;
  • Salicylic acid;
  • Zinc;
  • the outer medium with the inclusion of tar and solidol.

Therapy of acute forms of Psoriasis by external agents has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the desquamation of scales. It is important to remember that the treatment (local and General) shall be made only after consultation with the doctor, as some medications can have a side effect and self-healing is able to lead to a negative result.

PHYSIOTHERAPY. In the case of a worsening of the Psoriasis symptoms, the following measures are shown:

  • Cryotherapy — the low temperatures reduce the process of inflammation;
  • Phototherapy — UV-radiation to suppress the activity of the immune system, influence the process of treatment;
  • Leech therapy — the use of leeches is most effective in exacerbation of psoriatic Arthritis.

In addition, doctors recommend Psoriasis exacerbation treat in the resorts of the Black and of the dead sea, where the climate is.

TRADITIONAL METHODS OF TREATMENT. To remove to know, virtually all patients with this disease over a long period of time, such as exacerbation of Psoriasis with the help of traditional medicine.

traditional methods

The most popular recipes in aggravation:

  • recommended for home cooking lotions from a mixture of herbs (licorice, the root of the burdock, calamus swamp, a nettle and a two-tooth), taken in the same number. Mixture of herbs (1 tablespoon) brewed with hot water and left to cool, after which the solution clean napkin and applied on the wetted feverish area of the skin;
  • often enough in the exacerbation ointment from internal lard + dry grass to use toadflax. Fat previously waterlogged added and the toadflax, according to which the ointment is cooling and is used as intended;
  • for amplification of the therapeutic effect at home a bath with the addition of sea salt is recommended.

It must be remembered, that fast to heal psoriasis is not possible, but in compliance with all terms and conditions (nutrition, prevention and drug therapy), the probability of achieving a sustained Remission is quite high.