Photo of psoriasis on the hands, fingers and nails. Symptoms and signs.

In this article we will talk about one of the most problematic forms of the disease, in the case of the localized rash on the hands (hands, palms, fingers, elbow). Although it is not a contagious disease, defeat extremely look unattractive. Because they hide difficult, people often to private life-style.

In this article, you can see how psoriasis looks on the hands, you will learn about the most common causes of the disease, the cases, treatment and prevention of relapse. Although this disease and is difficult to get rid of it!

Psoriasis on the hands

Psoriasis on the hands

In General, the first specific Plaques appear on the palms of the hands and elbows. The specific cause of the doctors and researchers have not yet identified. You need to understand that psoriasis on the fingers of the hands (photo), as well as on the legs, the head and the rest of the body is not contagious and will not shake people's hands or personal items. However, this does not mean that the treatment of the disease, no reason to hurry, as you with serious complications.

Psoriasis at an early stage on the hands, it is not difficult to notice.

The emergence of the disease, accompanied by a rather bright symptoms. Usually on the palms and between the fingers, individual red spots appear. On the nature of the rash is similar to the usual allergies so that the patient only rarely in this stage to a skin doctor and wait until the Problem passes.

With the development of Psoriasis patches of grey scales covered covered and will begin to dry up. Just then the characteristic symptoms of the disease. In another defeat, not a word is so strong and cease to grow. However, you will see very off-putting, what many people experience severe psychological difficulties.

In adults, itchy red spots on the elbows, the fingers, the hands and the palms of the hands can remember, psoriasis or fungus. The main difference of such diseases Psoriasis – a clear boundary patch. In the case of other diseases so noticeable color fringing in the case of defeats.

Also it should be noted that, if the disease affects the Finger, then in most cases affects the nails. As a result of the nail plate deformation and Peeling at the edges. Psoriasis affected Finger is swollen, often accompanied by painful sensations in the joints. Similar to the development of the disease in children.

Psoriasis on the hands of the start-up phase

Originally psoriatic lesions appear as small, smooth patches of circular shape. One of the main differences – their clear outline. So the psoriasis the initial phase begins on the Hand, their causes are very different.

After a few days of the rash the bright scales covered. You scroll and disappear. Then the disease progresses, the rash expands and takes up more and more space.

Psoriasis on the fingers of the hands of the initial phase for most patients begins in the folds between the fingers, where the sum of the most suitable environment for the disease.

In General, the first Phase is through the three Central characteristics:

  • a red spot appears;
  • Papules covered with the glossy foil;
  • on your appear the droplets of blood.

In addition, in the initial stage of Psoriasis, patients complain of swelling of joints, redness of skin and inflammation in the area of the vicinity of the nails. With the development of the disease papules will cease to grow, and Peeling is reduced.

How to start psoriasis on the hands and its symptoms you can see on the photo shown. But we should not self-diagnosis set, since it is probable that the likelihood of diseases with other skin.

Signs of psoriasis on the hands

Normally, the signs of Psoriasis in women in the hands will only appear lighter on the palms of the hands. In the case of men in this area of the disease manifests itself less often. To treat this Form of psoriasis the most difficult, because the palm materials in constant contact with the washing and the objects which surround the people.

First, the skin dries and begins to crack. Lesions on the hand, plump, of corn reminds. Psoriasis beginning stages of photos can be confused with other diseases, e.g., eczema or fungal infection. So, the doctors perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

The symptoms of the disease differ depending on the localization of the inflammation. Let's talk more Details about each of them.


In this Form of the disease the first psoriasis between the fingers (in the photo). The skin is scaly and inflamed. Often, the symptoms will intensify with the arrival of the cold season (autumn, Winter). Without treatment, the Problem leads to serious consequences.


A similar Form of psoriasis a quarter of sufferers suffers. According to the symptoms it is similar with the defeat of the fingers. Issues covered in red bark, similar in appearance to corn. The spot itches and brings people all sorts of inconveniences.


As I said, it is one of the most excruciating forms of Psoriasis as the affected itchy skin is very strong. Because of the severe itching, can't sleep, patients often, that the neurosis can cause. Small spots that appear usually on the side of the hand. Then papules coalesce into large, itchy Plaques.


This type of psoriasis is also considered as one of the most difficult. He relates to the joints between the phalanges of the hands, and then moves to other joints. It is in the early stages of the disease and not on the skin manifest themselves, although the Patient can be in pain in the joints.

Psoriasis on the hands in children

In most cases, the psoriasis of the hands of the child is occurs when one or both parents are prone to allergies and skin diseases. This tendency is innate and can not manifest, until they provoke a certain factor. The exact reasons for the development of the disease, no one knows.

Just hereditary theory of the origin of Psoriasis in children supported most of the doctors. It is believed that, if one of the parents suffered part of the skin disorders, then the likelihood is the same Problem in a child is 25 percent. If the Psoriasis tend to have both parents, is reached the likelihood of developing cancer in a child is 75 percent.

Among the triggering factors Stress, streptococcal infection, alcohol abuse, drugs.

Psoriasis is often diseases combined with the system, including metabolic syndrome, Diabetes mellitus type II, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, pathology of the hepatobiliary system.

Whatever the cause of Psoriasis, one can say that this disease is not a superficial skin lesions. It suggests that in the body the underlying problems with the internal organs are hidden.

If your family members suffered from skin diseases, especially Psoriasis, they must be strictly supervised, to maintain the Regime and diet of the child, to strengthen his immune system and a healthy life style. This would prevent the Manifestation of the disease.

How psoriasis of the hands of a child:

The first Phase

The first Psoriasis spots in children, in many cases, are more frequent diathesis or Allergy. In General, in the case of small children, in the first line a slight redness. Skin rashes resemble round knobs red or pink hue. In a few days, the rash remains smooth, then your flaky scales to form silvery.

Progressive Stage

This Phase is characterized by an increase and merge replication patch. Molting lasts for only in the middle of the patch, where they grow at the edges. Patches of reddening, itch and become inflamed. This Phase can take up to two weeks and longer (up to several months). Then it goes into the Phase of Regression, on which the spots do not grow, and gradually disappear.

The disease may affect the nails. Because of the nail plate in children are more sensitive than adults, in addition to essential drugs, pain relievers to prescribe.

Attention! Many parents of children with Psoriasis, horrified by the fact that it is a chronic and very painful illness, may, in the course of life. In this Situation, the physician must explain that if you eat a healthy mode, to avoid special cosmetics, and Stress, and the disease can not occur. Moreover, in many cases of psoriasis, you can treat at home.

Symptoms of Psoriasis on the hands

Symptoms of psoriasis

Symptoms of Psoriasis on the hands, accompanied by the constant itching, to cope with the help of the knowledgeable treatment. If the Patient is combing rashes on his skin you will notice numerous wounds. In General, such wounds will heal much faster in children than in adults.

The main symptoms of Psoriasis on the hands:

  • the skin is red and dry;
  • the affected area swells and thickens;
  • psoriatic lesions can crack;
  • the individual spots merge, appear in new places;
  • Exfoliation is usually worse in Winter;
  • if the disease is not treated, the fingers swell and thickened Plaques can be painful;
  • the nails are rapidly damaged, replace staining (yellow-covered, or brown), crack and patches.

The treatment of Psoriasis on the hands and nails

The treatment of Psoriasis on the hands and its symptoms as difficult. Even in periods of Remission of the stains may remain visible to reduce in size. For the best possible effect, doctors use a comprehensive approach. Numerous parameters: the type of the disease, the patient's age, other pathology, and For the confirmation of the diagnosis with biopsy.

In the treatment of psoriasis be used the following methods and Tools:

  • Ointments, that help to soften and heal the skin, and sometimes reduce the itching;
  • Antihistamines, the fight with swelling and itching;
  • Medications to support the liver and the restoration of the gastro-intestinal tract;
  • Medications to strengthen the immune system;
  • Anti-inflammatories;
  • Analgesics (if the nails hurt or joints).

Even in the absence of contraindications, patients physiotherapy can prescribe. The Positive effect of hand massage showed with the help of the treating creams and ointments, which blood flow. However, to consult prior to the use of such funds in a better way with your doctor. It eliminates the probability of side effects and checks whether there are any possible contra-indications.