How to cure psoriasis forever? Causes of Psoriasis and their treatment.

This Person gets the disease for a lifetime, you will experience the exchange of relapses and remissions. Before I write an article chatted a lot with the patients with Psoriasis about their methods of healing. And today, these recipes will share with you.

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis. The cause of the disease

The causes of Psoriasis, in General, the science is not known. Today, there are only about the Version and assumptions, whose origin, however, is based on the direct observation and years of experience. One distinguishes between hereditary and acquired psoriasis. Modern scientific studies to understand the successes in the development of Allergology, immunology given that this disease, such as an allergic reaction to the presence in the human body foreign antigens: parasites, micro-organisms, non-bacterial allergens develops. In the investigation of the causes of Psoriasis the blood examined 40 people with psoriasis. The results were astonishing: 80% of the patients had an exacerbation of the disease caused by fungal infection, with 60% of the bacterial infection (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus), at 20% – food, household, Pollen, medicines, allergens. Popularly known as psoriasis psoriasis in the Form of small pink nodules on the surface of the skin, not larger than a pinhead. But these nodules have a tendency of rapid growth. Initially small, they merge, forming plaque, the surface is with many scales silvery – white color. These scales very easily, the name "psoriasis crumble-so". As each zoster scaly severe itching manifested, and if too soft to scratch the affected disease location, shed fall off easily, open the red (in severe forms - wet) shiny surface, on which the visible occurring droplets of blood. This is one of the signs of psoriasis. Rash, usually appears in the area of the elbows and knees, and less often on the head, but in the case of serious diseases, strikes the chest, back and bikini area areas of the body. If the rash is extensive, you experience redness and swelling. Cracks and itching. General weakness, pain in the joints. On the Psycho-emotional level, there is a General irritability, decreased or loss of appetite, sleep disturbance occurs, sometimes the body temperature rises. Psoriasis is not only a disease of the skin. Psoriasis reflects significantly on the work of the Central nervous system and the endocrine glands, metabolism. It is believed to provoke his appearance, frequent colds, chronic Sinusitis, periodontal disease and tooth decay. Psoriasis inherent in the clinical Phase, with the characteristic, features:

  1. Progressive stage, deteriorating symptoms and the acute course of the disease.
  2. The stationary Phase has the full clinical picture and distinctive signs.

A special feature of the exudative Psoriasis is a pronounced inflammatory process, the presence of Multilayer Plaques and crusts, weeping surface is manifested. The most severe type of psoriasis is pustular Psoriasis. This Form is created on the bottom of a heavy stress situations and infectious diseases. Pustular Psoriasis has an acute, accompanied by fever, leukocytosis. Pustules (converted shed and Plaques) take up large areas of the body, cause the detachment of the Epidermis, accompanied by a strong burning and purulent process. This type of psoriasis is able to be himself on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

The treatment of Psoriasis is very different. For mild symptoms of the disease, it is sufficient that the external therapy. To do this, podsushivayuschee use mitigating ointments, such as salicylic acid ointment, medication of tar and Naftalan, adaptogens. Also, the local treatment of the skin contains natural antiseptics (100% tea tree oil – add in Shampoos and gels for washing the body). But this is the only local inflammation, but essentially no influence on the cause of the disease. But severe forms require a comprehensive treatment consisting of detoxification and desensitizing agents. Such a therapy is only possible in a hospital.

In the treatment of psoriasis significant role for the diet. From the diet exclude foods with an increased amount of cholesterol (fatty meat, liver, kidney, egg yolk), eliminate salty and spicy foods. In turn, it is proposed, wheat germ, oats, buckwheat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables. Useful birch juice, as the medicine cleanses the blood (1-2 cups per day), effective Vitamin teas of rose hips, currant, nettle. In the diet salads, parsley, and lions tooth, the pre-soak in 10% salt solution within 30 minutes.

You should note that the treatment of Psoriasis should be necessarily more complex. Due to the fact that his appearance is due to a mental disorder and neurosis, it is recommended as a sedative, Valerian tincture, in severe cases, antidepressants and anxiolytics. Necessary drugs are stabilizing function of the kidneys and the liver, anti Allergy.

Psoriasis. Recipes of traditional medicine

The folk medicine has their own point of view on the psoriasis, for the treatment easily accessible, and no less effective recipes uses vegetable origin, the so-called corticosteroids, in particular, licorice root, a teaspoon, pour a glass of water and cook for 10 minutes, then an hour. Take 1 tablespoon of 5 times a day.

For the supply of the Stimulation of the adrenal and Benadryl actions with an extract succession tripartite, 1 tbsp. a spoon the pour 200 ml of boiling water and boil on low heat for up to ? of the initial volume. Such 10-30 drops of the tincture to take three times a day 30 minutes before meals for 2 weeks.

For the stimulation of the metabolism and improving the immune system, Aloe extract, which in the leaves after 12 days tincture in a dark place at a temperature of 6-8 degrees, biogenic stimulants, amino acids, enzymes, trace elements and vitamins. prescribed Fresh Aloe juice from the tin, take 1 teaspoon three times a day for half an hour before meals. Fresh juice and the crushed leaves applied on the affected area of the skin.

For the normalization of fat metabolism in the body, such agents are recommended: 1.Decoction of plantain: 1st tablespoon pour a glass of boiling water and cook 5 minutes on low heat. Then an hour and strain. You take the 1. a tablespoon three times a day for 15 minutes before eating. 2.Broth dandelion medicinal:1 tablespoon pour a glass of water and cook for 5 minutes, strain and take 1-3 tablespoons three times a day for 15 minutes before eating. With the aim of the Regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in-the-lion-use tooth root decoction: 1 tbsp. a spoon, you pour 300 ml of water, boil for 7 minutes and take 1/2 Cup three times a day.

And as an anti-inflammatory agent in this mixture: use the grass of the three-coloured violet -10 gr. and the grass celandine - 10 gr. Pour 300 ml of water, to keep in a water bath for 20 minutes. Take 1/4 Cup three times a day 20 minutes before meals. For the treatment of Psoriasis in folk medicine, there are recipes for ointments.


The most effective recipes from the steering control and birch tar for the treatment of Psoriasis.

Recipe 1:the tips of the grass Lenka, you need to ground to powder, by the addition of lard in a ratio of 1:3 (better use bone-fat). You heat up the finished ointment in a water bath for 20 minutes and lubricate sore areas.

Recipe 2: take 60 G of birch tar, 40 G Vaseline, 50% alcohol tincture of Sophora. Mix everything and insist in a dark place for 12 days, shaking every day. Then lubricate the affected area. Also pumpkin seed oil drink in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before meals. – 5 months, and Allohol instructions.

For the lubrication suitable and peanut butter (a pharmaceutical preparation). In all phases of Psoriasis effectively shared bathroom, the temperature is 38 degrees, from a number of tinctures, of chamomile. Are recommended frequent Wraps the affected places and the ointment (on the lawn). After leafing through not itch the body, and you sleep quietly (according to the reviews of patients with Psoriasis with 50 years of experience of the disease).

It is important to know that psoriasis functional and morphological changes in the human body: disorder of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, the patient under constant medical supervision and should receive supportive Vitamin therapy, especially in the Winter and spring. Rational and comprehensive treatment of the psoriasis is the possibility of a prolonged Remission. Stay healthy!