What is Psoriasis and what he appears to be and how to treat it

Often, psoriasis starts with the people, at the age of 20 years. Thus, inheritance is a very common cause of its formation. Even the slight Phase cause problems of a psychological nature: the sense of shame, reduced self-esteem, avoidance of society. Die of this disease may not be. But its negative effect on the life of the patient is very large.

What is psoriasis

The back of the neck

Psoriasis is a noncommunicable disease with a chronic course. Manifested in the Form of red-pink skin rash or Peeling on the surface of the Epidermis. The notion of disease comes from the Greek word "psoriasis" In translation into Russian it means, itching, or Pruritus. To characterize such phenomena and this skin disease.

Pathology effects on the General health of the body, suffers from the immune system. Since the protective properties of the organism lead an active struggle with one's own cells, the chronic inflammation.


If you discovered in the following symptoms, contact your doctor:

  • break, deformed nails;
  • on the hand, bubbles, or cracks surfaces and the feet painful;
  • Plump, red spots, frequent peeling of the skin. The spots are often on the elbows or the knees, but also in other areas;
  • severe dryness of the skin, similar to dandruff.

What is psoriasis appears on the head

Since the disease is not contagious, it can not transmitted by droplet infection, a handshake, or the other way. In fact, this disease is a consequence of the inadequate behavior of the organism to any external factor of the Irritation. What is and is manifested in abundant cell division of the Epidermis.

The average time of cell division is approximately 25 days. The disease accelerates this process. In the end, the duration of the Division 5 times reduced. For such amount of time, you simply do not have time to Mature, and contacts between them were lost. As a result, new cells are to begin their education about the elders. Which, in turn, die off any time. At the same time with this process, it comes to inflammation, hillocks, the epithelial scales. In the course of time all these phenomena of great spots to flow together. The only good news is that the crusts on the head have no effect on the growth of hair and stimulate hair loss.

Since the exact causes for the emergence of the disease is not yet found. Today, there are several presumptions about its origin. There are two popular stages of the disease:

  • The first starts to develop due to disorders of the immune system, which in connection with bad inheritance. This Form manifests itself in the rule of up to 25 years.
  • The second stage may be already in an advanced age, namely 35 to 40 years. In this Form, very often, of the nail plate, the joints are for the defeat. Much less likely – the skin on the head.

Recipients of the various theories about the origins of diseases are, in agree – is a multi-factorial disease. And its emergence due to the huge amount of reasons, we are the most important:

  • chronic Depression, Stress.
  • the presence of inflammatory processes in the body.
  • disturbed metabolism.
  • is an infectious disease.
  • endocrine disorders.
  • hormonal changes – this usually happens in puberty, during pregnancy and after the menopause.
  • immunological disorders.
  • Diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • prolonged standing in the cold.
  • Injuries, that led to an injury of the Epidermis.
  • Alcoholism, Smoking.
  • a wrong diet.
  • Genetic make-up.
  • HIV disease the development of Psoriasis accelerate.
  • very fast cell division of the skin, resulting in skin the appearance of red spots and scaly.
  • Fungal infections and Dermatitis.

Important! Alcoholic beverages aggravate the course of the disease.

In addition, the expression of the disease also such products as: chocolate, vinegar, pepper influence. According to this theory, Psoriasis is a systemic disease. This means that, in consequence of the severe disorders of the immune system, chronic inflammation of the part, you go on the head, on the internal Organ, form a new disease – psoriatic Arthritis.

How to care for hair care for psoriasis on the head


First and foremost, very good care of the surface of the head need not Plaque and the formation of the disease damage. You can apply medicated Shampoos in the exchange with conventional. This makes it possible in a very short time the balance of fluids in the skin of the head. Better not be a hair dryer use if no other options – and hold him by the hair closer than 30 cm

What waves is a hair better forget about them during the illness. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the ears, particularly the lobes. It is best to use mild combs, which are made from natural materials. Pinnacles is worth comb your hair, you damage the surface of the skin.

How they treat you

To Psoriasis needs to heal and microscopic laboratory examination, it is an additional measure to the General clinical picture in the determination of the disease. The decrease in the Psoriasis Plaques, dissolves the foil, and on the skin, a wound, on the the drops of blood formed, as with the Tau. This Manifestation refers to the characteristic difference of this disease from other types of Dermatitis.

In mild stages of the disease the local treatment with special ointments can be gels. It includes a whole range of useful trace elements.

Best hormonal ointment against psoriasis is not showed, because they have no side effects. In severe disease the method of treatment is PUVA therapy, also called phototherapy.

This treatment works on the Basis of UV-radiation, inhibits inflammation and reduces the activity of local immunity. If the disease is a lot of running and other methods do not work, medication can be in the Form of injections. However, many of them have side effects, such as fainting of the immune system or a toxic effect on the organs. For this reason, such a therapy for use only in specific departments, and only under the supervision of an experienced dermatologist.

Most people are very concerned about the issue, "whether by viruses, such as psoriasis, if you are in contact?" After he found a huge amount of research, that this disease is not possible in every contact with the Person. Also it is possible to about the sexual acts, you are absolutely sure. This disease is strictly individual feature of every human being. "The disease is transmitted, whether or not children from their parents?" - Birth and pregnancy do not have the slightest relationship to the transmission of the disease.