Psoriasis on the head: how you treat the psoriasis on the head

Can only small, individual tiles that do not inhibit the growth of the hair. The disease can develop at any age and is often hereditary.

Psoriasis on the head

If in humans, the psoriasis occurs on the head, it does not mean that for him, the hair fall. Scaly formation can not be hair damage, because the hair roots are much deeper than Plaques. Scales of Psoriasis are separated from each other. The skin between them is healthy and is not subject to the risk. They contain a lot of sebaceous, you form hump and well noticeable on the head.

Distinguish different stages in the development of Psoriasis of the scalp:

  • Progressive – in this Phase, the new education and existing Plaques arise are for the periphery, outside of the hairy scalp.
  • Stationary — in this Phase, existing education and training do not disappear, and new ones are not formed.
  • Regressive – at this stage of the formation to disappear on the head with the time, and instead of Plaques formed discolored spots.

The causes of psoriasis on the head

Psoriasis occurs due to the violation of metabolic processes in the skin. Many experts believe that it is a multifactorial disease, so the reasons for the development of Psoriasis on the head many: metabolic disorders, endocrine diseases, disorder of the immune system, the formation of inflammation in the body, infectious diseases, disorders in the hormonal System, injury to the skin of the head, diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, regular Stress and mental disorders, and hereditary factor.

In the case of psoriasis the body incorrectly reacts to external stimuli, therefore the increased cell division and rapid proliferation of the upper layer of the scalp. The immune system of the body takes its own cells as foreign. The normal duration of the cycle of cell division and Updates is 25 days. In the case of Psoriasis is accelerated, and the duration of the cycle is 5 days.

For this reason, the old cells will not manage, will fall away, new layers to the old, inflammation, bumps, pink-white nodules, covered with large skin cells. With time, they coalesce and form large red spots. Formation on the scalp do not have any influence on hair growth and contribute to hair loss. However, if your injuries new lesions arise.

Symptoms of psoriasis on the head

Most often when psoriasis affects areas of the scalp:

  • Ear lobes, skin behind the ears and about them;
  • Parted in the middle;
  • the back of the head, the back of the neck and the forehead.

The symptoms of psoriasis on the head are dependent on the Form and stage of the disease manifest, and in varying degrees. In the initial stage of a slight peeling of the skin occurs in certain areas. Most commonly, Psoriasis occurs on the nape of the neck. Then the skin peels off more and there is a slight Irritation and itching. Over time the itching, and the Patient is brushing the skin prior to the formation of cracks and bleeding. Can form, wounds and abrasions on the skin.

In the next Phase of Psoriasis large platelets and red bumps to form. The skin becomes dry and inelastic, bursts of condensed and easily. The tile is active, the skin flakes, leading to the formation of gray scales, which cover almost the whole skin under the hair. If the Patient is not treated, psoriasis is spreading fast beyond the borders of the Zone of growth of the hair and the Rest of the head.

In children, the redness on the head skin and irritation. The Plaques, which are difficult to treat form. There is a strong itching, inflammation and pain. In some cases, Psoriasis can the shell beat ears, but most of the time, the skin suffers behind the ears and about them.

The treatment of psoriasis on the head

The treatment of Psoriasis of the scalp is complex and includes a variety of resources for outdoor and indoor use. During the treatment, and after to adhere to a strict diet, the disease is not advanced. The Patient sedatives are assigned for the relief of Stress, vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C for the recovery processes of the skin, strengthening the immune system. Far-calcium, folic acid, nicotinic acid, ATP and other preparations for strengthening the immune system common. For the outdoor area of 1-2% of the prescribed salicylic acid ointment. Useful you bathe and rinse your scalp with water with the addition of herbal concoctions of sage, chamomile, celandine, succession.

For the treatment of psoriasis on the head medications contain hormones — corticosteroids are used. They are highly effective and help to achieve quick results, however, have many side effects, therefore, the severe stages of Psoriasis. In the severe Form of Psoriasis it is recommended that a short hairstyle, as you are often applying ointments and creams, and washing the head every day. Avoid complicated hairstyles, hairstyles to pull together and less hair rubber band, hair clips. Not recommended for needles, the use of sharp hair, of the invisible, curlers, ploek, because you can hurt the skin. The hair you can blow dry with hair dryer on the gentle cycle, not the drying of the scalp.

Effective drug for the treatment of Psoriasis of the scalp is a special solution. This solution, which is applied to the skin. At the beginning of the therapy the skin is treated with a solution of 2-times a day: morning and evening. After a slowdown of plaque formation solution can be applied 1 times per day, and later they reduce the procedure up to 3-4 times per week. The necessary ointments, gels, and Shampoos based on tar and the skin, zinc for hair and head. Eliminate inflammation, pain symptoms, promotes relaxation and nourishment of the skin.

How to treat Psoriasis on the head the other way: UV-irradiation, PUVA-therapy, hydro-therapy, Laser irradiation, hemosorption, plasmapheresis. Effective mud and salt baths, therapeutic-and-prophylactic Resorts on the Black and the dead sea.

The treatment of psoriasis on the head of folk medicine

Psoriasis Treatment

In the case of psoriasis on the head of a well-established treatment people. It includes decoctions and tinctures from the herbs, the treatment of the scalp, oils, masks for the skin of the head to the base of plants and oils, Shampoos, herbal, tar. The effective traditional remedy for psoriasis on the head:

  • The most effective remedy for psoriasis is considered to be celandine. It has disinfectant, cauterizing effect, relieves painful symptoms, promotes rapid healing of wounds and elimination of inflammation. Broth celandine is used for bathing, flushing the head, from the juice of celandine tincture prepared and moistened psoriatic Plaques.
  • Alcohol extract of skin healing from a series of Psoriasis of the scalp. It should take 3 times a day 20 drops.
  • Divorced mustard is a good remedy for psoriasis. You need dry mustard – 2 tbsp. L., hot water – 2 tbsp. L., olive oil or any cosmetic - 2 tablespoons, 1 egg yolk, sugar 2 TSP, mix Everything carefully and apply on the scalp. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, the head warm. The mask of the furnace, but this is normal. Then well rinse the hair with warm water.
  • For the scalp apply a mask made of clay with sea salt skin effectively. You mix the clay with the salt and add a little water to get a Paste. Wear it on the scalp for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • In the treatment of Psoriasis of the scalp used chopped onion. It stimulates the growth of hair, relieves inflammation and itching.

An effective home remedies for psoriasis of the head a compress of oils is skin. After the mask you have from the head of the medical Shampoos. To compress a mixture of vegetable oils, peanut butter, and olive oil needs to be heated. The light movements, apply the oil to the scalp massage and a shower wearing a hood, a towel wrap. The procedure is best done in the night, in the morning you wash your hair.

The treatment of psoriasis on the head to home and includes some recommendations for hair care. When washing and drying, the hair need to be careful to avoid damaging the tiles. Normally, it is necessary, Alternative and therapeutic Shampoo, faster skin moisture budget of the head. When drying the hair, a hair dryer, to keep him at a distance of 30 cm from the head, and the towers and cable shoes, it is better not to apply. During the treatment, it is better not to use a Curling iron and curlers for hair, as hair can be. Except for the head you need to wash the skin behind the ears.

Note you exclude the healthy food and harmful products. Excluded are greasy, fried, salted, smoked, savoury food, sweets, spicy, canned food, vegetables and fruits red in color. They trigger allergies and increase the process of inflammation.