Nail Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very insidious disease and is capable of only the skin, not to hit. Often there is a nail-Psoriasis called, as onihodistrofiya (psoriatic onihodistrofiya).

In the case of the confirmation of this disease, the treatment of Psoriasis of the nails in some cases it is difficult, as this Form manifests itself far less frequently than the Psoriasis of the skin. However, the Psoriasis-affected nail Phalanx to provide the patient significant discomfort, and leads to emotional disorders.

The simultaneous defeat of the nails, and the skin is very rare. The disease can exist for years in the body of the patient, but the characteristic symptoms of this Form of the affected nail. In the case of Psoriasis forms in the case of complaints, be able to cause such complications such as psoriatic Arthritis.

The cause of the disease


The main reason that occurs is the psoriasis of the nails is a malfunction of the immune system, break down of enzymatic function and the formation of periungual cells. This leads to a separation from the body not the cells, but also in the Horny layer of the nails.

There are predisposing causes that to provoke in the location of relapses. These include:

  • Symptoms of Psoriasis reactivated conditions can be under adverse weather conditions;
  • State of Stress and Depression;
  • chronic diseases of the body;
  • the symptoms of Psoriasis can worsen if the mechanical damage to the skin;
  • prolonged use of Anti-inflammatory and Lithium preparations;
  • in addition, the causes of the disease can be inheritance, if the gene of Psoriasis is not passed on to the next generations.

In General, the risk group consists of patients up to the age of 25 years. Men suffer much more frequently than women.

Classification of Psoriasis of the nails

Psoriasis of the nails is capable of, the different forms manifest different symptoms. Distinguish between different stages of nail Psoriasis:

NAPEDOWY — the most common type of the disease. Its symptoms are the advent of shallow dents on the nails.

ONYCHOLYSIS — this stage is characterized by painless separation of the nail from the substance that remains, then, for example, nail side Psoriasis-edge.

ONYCHOMADESIS — in this Form the separation of the nail is observed, but faster and without the formation of fringes.

Bruise UNDER the NAIL — the characteristic stripes of brown color and reddish spots under the nail.

TRACHYONYCHIA — in this Grade of the disease the nail becomes rough and thickened.

PARONYCHIA — the reasons for this Form of the disease in the physical action on the tissue in the vicinity of the nail (trimming, ingrown toe nail, etc.). Celebrated suppuration, swelling, and redness periungual plates.

In all forms of nail Psoriasis treatment in time requires, in order to prevent more serious inflammation.

The symptomatology of the disease


Symptoms of nail Psoriasis are very different and depend directly on the shape and nature of the disease.

The main symptoms of the following indicators will be expressed:

  • the surface of the nail of the fingers and toes is uneven, seen depressions and dents;
  • the nail is grey, and ragged;
  • the edges of the nail plate covered inflammatory edges that are able to be distributed over the entire skin surface;
  • on the nail yellow psoriatic Plaques appear turbid -;
  • on the plate of the nail capillary network observed;
  • the skin of the nail unbearable itch and peel off.

In a complicated process, the symptoms are capable of, by separation of pus under the nail.

Treatment of Psoriasis of the nails

In the selection of treatment should be the causes of psoriasis, the severity of flow, and the individual susceptibility of the patient into account.

Initially, the extent of the disease dealt with comprehensively and includes the following activities:

  • in the initial phase of the therapeutic coating for the coating of nails, and gels for moisturizing the skin okolonogtevoy Phalanx is recommended;
  • regulates hormonal and endocrine function;
  • recovers digestive function;
  • it is the nature of psoriasis (fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.);

Most of the time the cause of Psoriasis of the nails is the activity of the fungus is due to the weakened immune system. Effective on the exercised external agents (ointment, cream, therapeutic coatings), physiotherapy and phytotherapy.

Apart from the fact that a lacquer is used, a neutralizing fungus, treatment of nail Psoriasis:

  • ANTIHISTAMINES. For the relief of itching, we recommend taking antihistamines.
  • A MULTIVITAMIN. The destruction of the nails with any Form of psoriasis can lead to a loss of the necessary trace elements and vitamins, therefore, Multivitamin preparations. Particularly important is the intake of selenium, calcium, silicon, and zinc.
  • GLUCOCORTICOIDS. In the case of serious diseases the use of steroids is recommended. Note, however, that in spite of the fact that the treatment of hormonal agents efficiently enough, take them only after consulting your doctor.
  • IMMUNOSUPPRESSANTS. For the relief of Stress and tension the appointment of immunosuppressants. However, should the impact of the symptoms are taken into account.

The positive result showed a special nail Polish Belvedere, which helps even the advanced stage of the disease.

Outdoor-Medication (Ointment, Cream)

With the help of external resources, in General, the treatment of Psoriasis of the nails begins. In the case of the light stage of development of the symptoms is quite possible to cope with exactly such a means.

All the outer preparations share on hormonal and non-hormonal.

The people in the fight with Psoriasis of the nails


Often, there are cases in which the drug is not capable of the desired effect and neutralize the negative symptoms. This circumstance caused the search for alternatives, and questions about how to treat Psoriasis of the nails are very sharp. In this case, doctors recommend relief from the nail to treat Psoriasis with the help of folk medicine.

The most well-known people have are therapy of psoriasis:

NAIL THE BATHROOM. This medication well, the fungus destroys the nail plate. To cook foot bath should gr with boiling water 20. dried Bay leaves, and then boil the prepared solution. After cooling, they should be in this solution, you place your nails and keep it for 15 minutes.

LOTIONS. To prepare at home is quite easy lotions. It is recommended to mix 2 tbsp. L. flour, oatmeal or corn starch with 0.5 L of water. The prepared Paste is applied to the area of the nail.

COMPRESSES. Cure psoriasis nails of the fingers, with the help of the medicinal plant, called brusnik. You need to take 4 tbsp. L. dried powder from the leaves of brusnik and pour 0.5 liters of hot water. After cooling, the cooked mass applied to the affected area as a compress and a 15-20 minutes long.

With these simple recipes, you can heal psoriasis people. But before you start to the recipes, requires the consultation of the attending physician.

Diet for psoriasis nails

An important condition for the success of the therapeutic treatment is diet. Only a few know that an Allergy be present in any Form of Psoriasis. Therefore, a hypoallergenic diet must be observed.

The diet of the patient is necessary to compensate, by strawberry products causing allergies (chocolate, coffee, cocoa, citrus fruits). Diet prohibits the intake of spicy, salty, fatty, smoked and fried foods. In addition, do not use the mustard, Mayonnaise and Ketchup.

During an exacerbation of the Psoriasis diet almost includes days, i.e. in the course of the day, you can product in food, for example yogurt, apples, boiled fish, etc. the diet should be rich in dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables (all except orange, and red), as well as fish and herbs. To fill in the body Lecithin, we recommend the use of vegetable oil (preferably virgin olive oil).

It is important to remember that all the diet includes the consumption of alcohol, regardless of the Form of the psoriatic phenomena.


In each stage of the nail Psoriasis on the fingers of the hands, as well as a nail Psoriasis occurs in waves on the legs, with relapses and periodic exacerbations. So important the prevention of Psoriasis, which is:

  • The need to have a short nails.
  • You are not allowed to pedicure, manicure, etc., including acrylic clear lacquer.
  • Avoid personal injury.
  • Contact at home with household cleaning products, gloves should be used.

In the mild stage of the disease mini requires minimal drug therapy. At home recommended, the therapeutic coating for the coating of nails, slows down the destruction of the nail.

Remember that any treatment you can, after consultation with the attending physician. It will remove the acute symptoms of the disease and to achieve long-term Remission.