How to cure Psoriasis: methods for rapid treatment

Frequent dermatological disease remains the question of how to Psoriasis cure is currently still studying, that's why. Methods of therapy of this disease every year improved, but healing psoriasis is still impossible. Actions of doctors is directed to the control of the disease, the reduction of exacerbations, facilitation of the flow.

General recommendations for patients with Psoriasis


The people suffering from Psoriasis, in addition to the medical and topical treatment of a variety of rules in everyday life, must adhere to. Meticulous care for a healthy skin and the affected land will allow you to quickly overcome exacerbation of the disease.

Patients should consider the following recommendations:

  • The skin must always be kept moist to prevent cracks and infections.
  • With the help of special creams to to approve the the doctor, you can remove the crusts. It should be very careful not to provoke damage to the Epidermis and not new trouble.
  • The Patient is obliged, appointments, doctor, and you don't report him, if that helps. In the treatment of psoriasis there is a special feature: what helps the other, can prove to be absolutely useless for others.
  • If a man tries to get rid of the disease itself, he needs a therapy with the simplest tools, and gradually complicate the treatment of grace.
  • All therapeutic measures have to be carried out in accordance with the established schedule.
  • Do not self-treat severe forms of psoriasis. At occurrence of pains in the joints, General signs of discomfort, you should immediately consult a doctor. Usually, the therapy will be carried out in a hospital.
  • To fast to heal psoriasis, it is necessary, if possible, protect the skin from infections and penetrations, mechanical damage and other influences. Upon the occurrence of a dermatosis, even in Remission, you need to get rid of as quickly as possible.
  • We can't excessive exposure to the sun to allow irradiation of the skin. Despite the fact that the Psoriasis is treated with ultraviolet light, an excess is harmful for those affected.
  • In the case of the localization of the disease to the head of therapeutic action of the skin should be on the skin and not the hair.
  • Nails in a patient should be cut short. This is the prophylaxis of the lesion of the nail plate.
  • Caution do not take any medication, as some of them aggravate essential to Psoriasis.
  • In everyday life, the effects of chemicals on the skin: household chemicals, cosmetics should be possible. If the head affected skin, Shampoos should be made of natural components.
  • The emotional state of the patient should be very positive. You should avoid Stress and nervous strain.
  • The patient should physical and mental exercises. Follow a healthy way of life. To eat Normal, healthy, without a from the food.

Local Treatment

For the quick treatment of Psoriasis are used various ointments. They are the basis of the therapy of each Form of the disease. As an Alternative, a variety of creams, which essentially are exactly the same.

Use the ointment in various stages of psoriasis focuses on certain mechanisms of the Progression of the pathology, the external treatment is considered to be pathogenetic.

The most important effects that a variety of ointments:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effect;
  • Inhibition of excessive new formation of skin cells;
  • The increase in the speed of healing of the skin;
  • The decrease of itch;
  • Antiseptic Effect.
All means of local treatment of psoriasis divided into two main groups: hormonal and non-hormonal.

Hormonal Ointments


Be used for severe Psoriasis, there's a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Often based on the systemic therapy. Characteristic of the hormonal agents – the presence of a large number of side effects.

The most important side effects:

  • Increased Skin Irritation;
  • The occurrence of eczema;
  • Atrophic changes of the skin;
  • Systemic effects on the internal organs (with long-term use);
  • Addicted (the developed side-effect, abruptly ointment to stop should use, you should gradually the frequency and number of funds).

In spite of the aggressiveness of hormonal your use of ointments, sometimes. The use of drugs should be under the strict supervision of a physician, by all of its provisions. In today's pharmaceutical market hormonal many ointments but all of them have the same active ingredients.

Non-hormonal ointment

With the help of nonhormonal ointments also psoriasis can be effectively treated. Unlike hormones, these drugs have fewer side effects and the development of the disease in all cases.

The most effective means of:

  • Ointment on the Basis of salicylic acid. Has a strong antiseptic effect. In addition, strength applies to the reduction of the shell. The agent promotes the flakes.
  • Zinc-Ointment. Dries the skin, soothes inflammation, acts adsorbing properties. The Tool provides an effective barrier to protect the affected areas from external influences.
  • An ointment with a content of tar. Lubricate the token data, the product with caution should be, with each day you increase the dose, as tar has a stimulating effect. In addition, during the use of the ointment of the sun need to avoid light, which may be the cause for an allergic reaction.
  • Ointment with Vitamin D. the main effect of means – reduction in the rate of cell division of the skin. In the Phase of Progression. Improvement of effect is achieved with the simultaneous application of UV lamps. Double use indexed ointments with salicylic.
  • Ointment with oil component. Agents in psoriasis relieves itching and promotes Peeling shed. The ointment also an analgesic effect. The drug should be careful, as there are many side effects.
  • Ointment with vitamins. Such agents have a low efficiency, but good for the lungs of the course of Psoriasis. No side effects that have many useful effects to the skin and the whole body.
  • Ointment with protect with grease. A very strong drug that helps get rid of Psoriasis by a deep penetration into the tissue. Used with caution and in small doses, gradually increasing, if the person tolerates the components of the ointment.

Also help in the treatment of Psoriasis medications of traditional medicine. In addition to ointments, the application of various lotions, compresses and medical baths. But before examining unconventional resources, consult you should consult your doctor.

Systemic Medications


If the local treatment is insufficient, in addition, ordered medicines for the taking. In rare cases, in the case of particularly severe Psoriasis medication can be administered parenterally.

The most important groups of drugs for the treatment of Psoriasis:

  • Antihistamines. Relieve itching, reduces the permeability of the blood vessels and have a General anti-allergic effect.
  • Sedatives. Because the mental side of the disease proved prescribe, in the case of pronounced symptoms of neurosis, mental and emotional Stress, Anti-anxiety drugs. You should also have a gentle relaxing effect.
  • Enzymes. In the case of the impact of Psoriasis on internal organs, the substitution treatment.
  • Hepatoprotectors. Be used not only for the protection of the liver from the disease itself, but also as a Blocker side effects of other medications.
  • Detoxification. Lead harmful substances out of the body, which contributes to a faster recovery.
  • Antibiotics. Be used only when the accession of secondary infection. For the treatment of diseases, they are absolutely useless. Taking these supplements are prohibited without the Express medical prescription.
  • Glucocorticoids and cytotoxic drugs. Application of medicines is only useful in the case of severe Psoriasis, as well as in the absence of the effect of other treatments. The data collection must be fully painted to a doctor. You can not syndrome, abrupt medication stop, because abstinence.

Systemically decoctions of various herbs, the anti-inflammatory effect are used. Plants, the output of toxins, are used to strengthen the body.

Physiotherapy Techniques

For the treatment of Psoriasis a variety, of physiotherapy uses therapeutic techniques. The effect of photo chemo therapy methods, which are:

  • UV-lamps. The radiation acts on the cells of the Epidermis and deeper tissues, the normalization of the speed of your pitch, exerts anti-inflammatory effect. Immune reactivity is reduced in the affected area, promotes rapid regression of Psoriasis.
  • PUVA-therapy. Effective for the treatment of even severe forms of pathology, but has many side effects.
  • Laser-Therapy. A relatively new method of treatment, which is a directed action of UV-radiation on the affected area of the skin without damaging the healthy tissue. Advantage of Laser treatment is practically complete absence of side effects.

Use of all methods of physical therapy itself is not recommended, an experienced doctor will tell you as a Psoriasis cure it is in your case the disease. In some cases, the disease occurs due to excessive sun radiation, so that the application of the photo-indexed chemical techniques strictly contraindicated.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes plazmoforez, the means to clean the blood with the help of a special apparatus. It applies exclusively in the hospital and has a high effect. Excretion of various toxins and unwanted substances. However, this technique is not conducive to lengthy Remission, therefore, is only for very severe Psoriasis.

Also, the application of acupuncture. It is an old Oriental method of treatment of various diseases, only by trained masters. The therapeutic effect is not proven, but the positive reports about you.

Of great importance in the treatment of Psoriasis the treatment. Depending on the Form of the disease and its characteristics, the doctor may prescribe various sanatoria. The basis of each of them is hot throw, the climate and the availability of treatments for the relief of the course of Psoriasis.

So, like Psoriasis to cure for ever impossible, must be directed to the therapy that increases the duration of relapse and to facilitate the flow of pathology and the elimination of the symptoms. The basis for the choice of therapy the individual approach to each case.