Vitamins for Psoriasis : what to drink, ointments, cream

Since vitamins are the direct participants of the metabolic processes are in need of your full presence in the body. For this reason, vitamins for psoriasis prescribed for use in connection with the General treatment: this approach allows it to fight better with the disease.

Vitamins for psoriasis

Indications for the application of vitamins for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, therefore, taking vitamins is Psoriasis not only possible, but very necessary. Useful Vitamin components to the strengthening of the dermal layer and appendages of the skin, and improve metabolism, which hurt in the process of pathology.

Vitamins for psoriasis bring about changes in biochemical reactions, which take place inside the body. You need to take, not messy, but strictly according to the instructions of the doctor, as incorrect or excessive use of such medicines can worsen the disease.

In the case of mild course of psoriasis forms can enough of these vitamins enter the body with food. If the doctor deems it necessary, then complex or single vitamin has supplements.

So, what vitamins to drink for psoriasis?

All the vitamins, recommended for use in the treatment of psoriasis, can be divided into two categories:

  1. Vitamins from a number of fat-soluble, Lecithin, Retinol (Vit. A), Tocopherol (Vit. E), Cholecalciferol (Vit. D).
  2. Vitamins from the series of water, vitamins gr soluble. B, Vitamin C, Folic Acid.

The shape of the output

  • The most convenient and most common Form of the publication of vitamins for patients with Psoriasis as a tablet. It is simple and easy to take, and the durability of the rule can longest the.
  • Alternative to comfortable tablets capsules are generally in the capsules fat-soluble vitamins are produced.
  • Powdered Form – not less convenient, but rarely used Form of Vitamin preparations.
  • Solutions for oral and injectable applications: in ampoules and vials, sometimes – together with the solvent.

The names of the most important vitamins for psoriasis

Vitamins for Psoriasis ways according to different therapeutic systems. In severe cases, intravenous administration of drugs, the relative ease of oral ingestion, it is possible. Standard treatment lasts for at least a month: to note, except for vitamins in capsules, tablets or injections enriched diet.

Vitamin D in psoriasis have real benefits, as it has the following properties:

  • the healing of the tissues is accelerated, the affected Psoriasis;
  • improves Calcium and phosphorus metabolism;
  • improves the absorption of trace elements;
  • in combination with other vitamins and strengthens the immune system.

The patient can anoint the intake of Vitamin D in Psoriasis according to the indoor, or as Outdoor.

Vitamin D in the body under the influence of UV-irradiation. In addition, this substance contains:

  • in milk, Butter;
  • in the Maritime fish;
  • in oatmeal croup;
  • in vegetable oils;
  • in the egg yolk.
  • B-vitamins for Psoriasis is to appoint only the doctor, as the dosage of these vitamins, you have to define yourself is difficult.
    • Vitamin B1 helps in the distortion of metabolic reactions, the function of the nervous system, activates the endocrine processes, and the efficiency of the cells of the brain. Vitamin B1 can be obtained and with the products. There is enough in meat, liver, nuts and seeds, cereals.
    • Vitamin B2 in Psoriasis not only stimulates the metabolism, but also helps the tissue regenerated and restored. In General, intramuscular Vitamin B2, however, large quantities of, you will also receive products: mushrooms, white meat, cottage cheese and hard cheese.
    • Vitamin B6 is especially helpful in Psoriasis. His most important skills is the acid in the Stimulation of Lipid and amino metabolism, activation of the synthesis of hormones and improvement in the quality of hemoglobin, the restoration of the nerve cells. In addition, Vitamin B6 in the blood circulation shows excess cholesterol. Vitamin you can be in the Form of intramuscular injections, but also with the food: nuts, fish, white meat
    • Vitamin B12 for psoriasis performs several important functions: it helps leakage of the blood-forming processes, stabilizes the nervous system, improves the function of the liver. In General, Vitamin B12 injection is administered in combination with calcium glukonatom. In addition, the nutrients you get from meat products and liver or fish.
  • Vitamin E in Psoriasis is simply irreplaceable:
    • he is considered a natural antioxidant;
    • improves the oxygen supply to the tissues;
    • accelerates the recovery of the skin.

Standard intake of Vitamin E – to the inside, after 300-400 IU. Recommended in combination of vitamins E and A.

Additional amounts of Vitamin E can do with food: nuts, berries, dried fruits, vegetable oils, fish, cereals.

Ointments with Vitamin D in psoriasis

Very Outdoor products with vitamins are widely used. They bear directly on the lesions, Psoriasis affected.

To belong to such medicines, ointments with Vitamin D, the active ingredient presents a synthetic analogue of the natural Vitamin D3. These ointments to inhibit the Proliferation of keratinocytes and accelerate their morphological differentiation – namely, this property as the main object in the treatment of Psoriasis.

On the exchange of calcium calcipotriol little influence has often, in contrast to Vitamin D3. Ointment applied to the skin in the morning and in the night. Effect detectable since 10-12 days of treatment.

Ointments with Vitamin D is not compatible on a plot with the skin drugs that contain salicylic acid.

Vitamin A in the nail Psoriasis topically

Vitamin A can be applied, not only inside, but also outside – in the Form of treatments and creams, the increase in his favor several times. Due to its molecular weight, of Vitamin A good to be able to penetrate into the underlying epidermal layers, leading to the accelerated recovery of the tissue.

Retinol is a component of many cosmetic and medical creams and ointments. These vitamins substance fills the stocks of collagen in the skin and promotes its Regeneration.

Vitamin A in the Form of an oily solution you can buy in the ordinary pharmacy. Applications with Vitamin for psoriasis regularly carry for 1-2 months, with a further break of 2-3 months. This is the course of treatment achieved excellent results: the nails are cleaned, the skin and smooth to put on.

Constantly external application of Vitamin A, practice can not be: overabundance of the substance is to the organism to be harmful and can even cause an allergic reaction.



The complex combination of nutrients, Vitamin-a enables the entire needs of people suffering from Psoriasis. Vitamins for Psoriasis a direct positive influence on the processes of tissue exchange, and strengthen the General and local immunity.

Retinol (v. A) improves potentiates the metabolism of fat and Cross-reaction of fatty acid Oxidation, and metabolism of the substances, the participation in the structuring of the tissue of the epithelium.

The vitamins of the B group to eliminate signs of inflammation and Degeneration of the tissue, increase blood circulation, stabilize the function of neurons and the overall acid-base balance, take part in all metabolic processes involved.

Ascorbic acid is an active participant in oxidizing and reducing biological processes. Vitamin C directly affects collagen production and the formation of the structure of the cells, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, on the quality of the red blood cells, on the biological synthesis of catecholamines. Ascorbic acid prevents the negative effects of free radicals, protects cell membranes from the harmful effects of the processes of Cross-Oxidation.

Tocopherol – Vitamin for the preservation of the youth of the skin and appendages, tissue elasticity and hydration.


The metabolic conversion of Retinol takes place in the liver, then the substance is free of Serum. The Transport is done by the globulins, warning filtering of the drug to the kidney.

Thiamine (v. B1) assimilated in 12-perstnoj to the intestine and the small intestine. The good distribution in the tissues. .

Ascorbic acid is digested in the cavity of the intestine. The Vitamin Plasma is transported to and accumulates in glandular tissues. The level of ascorbic acid in the tissues and blood cells are many times higher than the level of the drug in the Serum.

The use of vitamins for Psoriasis during pregnancy

Pregnant women should beware of, such as the lack of vitamins in the body, and its overabundance. Both can have very negative effects on the condition of the fetus and on the health of the unborn child.

Take the usual vitamin complex during pregnancy is not recommended, unless the doctor will insist on their receipt. In General, for pregnant and lactating patients, there are specific vitamin preparations, coordinated dosage in accordance with this physiological period.

Taking vitamins for Psoriasis during pregnancy, including authorised, should not necessarily be with the doctor matched.


Vitamins for Psoriasis is not recommended:

  • in the case of a high likelihood of developing allergies to Vitamin product;
  • in the case of severe lesions of the kidneys and the liver;
  • in the case of certain gipervitaminoze (vitamins, the composition of the Multivitamin complex.

Side effects of vitamins for psoriasis

In individual cases, hypersensitivity reactions are possible, the development of allergic reactions to vitamins. Such a reaction manifests itself in the Form of:

  • Skin rashes;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Swelling of the skin;
  • The amplification of itching.

If any of these symptoms, stop taking should stop the vitamins and consult a physician.

Sometimes the coloring of the urine is an intense yellow – this is considered normal and does not require the lifting of the vitaminized means.

Dosage and administration

In General, vitamins for psoriasis according to take right after eating, or after 10-15 minutes. The dosage depends on the particular drug and on average, 2 tablets (coated tablets) daily.

The duration of the treatment cycle, vitamins for psoriasis doctor determines and is on average 1-2 months. The daily amount of the drug can be increased or decreased, on the recommendation of the attending physician.


Cases of overdose with vitamins for Psoriasis is not registered. Allows for the development of diarrhea syndrome in the Form of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the abdomen and pain in the head, lethargy, drowsiness. In this case, the intake of the drug will begin and the symptomatic treatment.

Interactions with other medicines

Ascorbic acid, the composition of the vitamins in Psoriasis, it is the effect and side effects symptoms of antibacterial sulfonamides.

Other interactions of Vitamin Tools, you the case of psoriasis, not observed.

Storage conditions

Vitamins can be stored at ordinary room temperature, in a dark place, limited children.


The durability of the most Vitamin-preparations – 1-2 years. This information must be indicated on the packaging of a particular complex.

Vitamins for psoriasis may not be applied after expiration of the retention period.