How to Cure Psoriasis in the domestic conditions of the people means?

Psoriasis – a non-infectious disease that every year the increasing number of people. The official medicine is not ready, effective drugs against the disease – pharmaceutical compositions are capable of just on the local treatment (exemption from outward signs of the disease). After some time, a relapse occurs, the skin is covered with new eruptions. The national medicine offers effective methods of getting rid of psoriasis. Means of plant origin are capable of in the fight against the disease, both locally and from the inside, for their application, not necessarily the permission of the physician, as most of the domestic drugs are safe for the body.


Causes and symptoms of psoriasis

The complexity of the treatment of Psoriasis in the fact that the doctors were not able to determine which pathogen is causing changes to the skin. The opinions of experts are divided, but neither hypothesis was no official confirmation.

The most common hypotheses for the development of Psoriasis:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • viral in nature(a controversial theory)
  • the weakening of the body's defenses;
  • Fungal and staphylococcal infections;
  • harmful to the ecology;
  • Pathology of the immune system;
  • mental illness.

The disease is not contagious by contact is not transferred. By droplet infection lift psoriasis not tire work.

Determine psoriasis just disease characters have light symptoms:

  • Itching on the affected skin layers;
  • red Plaques with a clearly delineated border;
  • in the case of damage to the Dermis, there are new scaly patches.

In the case of older people, the disease rarely occurs – defeat of the Dermis most common in adolescents.

Drug effects on the disease

Psoriasis is a disease of the skin, for reasons that can not always determine even a experienced doctor so that your medication on the symptoms, it is recommended that the complex of the medicines and other measures. Medications must be prescribed by a doctor – the self-healing capable to dangerous complications, the rapid development of the disease.

Treatment with drugs is carried out according to this scheme:

  • topical (external) application of hormonal agents;
  • Diet, normalize the metabolic processes in the body.
  • non-hormonal drugs with moisturizing, revitalizing effects which stop cell division;
  • physiotherapeutic Manipulation (UVB, Excimer Laser, cryotherapy);
  • Intake of Vitamin complexes.

The disease can lead to neurological disorders, neurasthenia, often through the treatment of c by using psychologists. Table with hormonal and non-hormonal drugs.

The main rules for the treatment of

Home treatment leads to positive results, but under the condition of strict adherence to the guidelines and rules of the alternative medicine. The Patient necessarily to the following requirements:

  • Treatment, until the disappearance of symptoms – 2-4 treatments remain inconclusive;
  • in the fight against the disease in a holistic way – the application of means according to the inside and the outside;
  • don't give up with the doctor – combine when needed, natural remedies and drugstore products;
  • to Supplement healing diet;
  • protect your skin from harmful, external influences during the treatment (use a protective cream, oil).

To agree on the application of home remedies with the doctor. In the presence of contraindications to the use of the methods to the treatment and the techniques of traditional medicine.

Before the use of any means Tests, agility of the body active components. To 3-5 drops of the prepared medication, apply on the part of the body with a heightened sensitivity (bend of the elbow, "half-moon" behind the ear, wrist) and a 2 hour wait. When the body gives warning signals, may agent for external application.

Activated charcoal for psoriasis

To be cured quickly at home by the illness of coal helps to be active, with the characteristics of toxins from the body. Some doctors believe that the disease provokes an intoxication, so that the excretion of harmful substances promotes the liberation of the signs of psoriasis.

The dosage of the drug according to body weight. 6-8 kg, one tablet is enough. The daily dose of activated charcoal is recommended, split into 2 parts and you take two servings – morning and evening. You drink plenty of liquid.

The treatment is two courses with a duration of one month. Break – 25 Days. In the presence of the complications of the full exemption from the disease for up to four courses to take.

In the treatment of activated carbon, a diet limit the consumption of fatty, salty, full of spices, the dishes. A further request in the course of the day, drink 2 liters of fluid (water, herbal decoctions, teas).

The treatment of the disease Soda

The application of Soda ash is recommended to get rid of the rashes on the scalp, the hands, other parts of the body. Struggling with Psoriasis folk medicine, the adoption of the baths is recommended with the addition of Soda. The results of the performed manipulations exemption, burning for always of inflammatory processes on the skin complaints (itching), the improvement of blood circulation.

Implementation of the method:

  1. Take a warm relaxing shower prepares the skin for the procedure.
  2. Fill the tub with warm water.
  3. Add the liquid in 450 gr. Baking powder.
  4. Stir the solution until complete dissolution of the Soda.
  5. Time for a bath half an hour.

Remove the remnants of moisture from the body is not recommended – the liquid must dry naturally. Repeat the process after 2 days. Repeat parts for the complete liberation of the signs of the disease on all body – up to 15, but to extend in the event of complications, we recommend the course. Allows for the addition of the bath taking the home medications to the inside – it helps to heal Psoriasis quickly and effectively.

The treatment of the starch

The affected areas of the Dermis on the body, we recommend treating lotions on the basis of strength. For the treatment of the disease on the head or the face of the composition is not to use – the Tool can lead to peeling of the skin. Homemade remedies will help to quickly get rid of the skin rashes, to remove the unpleasant sensations.

Preparation and application:

  1. Mix starch in equal parts, wheat flour.
  2. Granular mixture of warm water and add to, the mass should remind, semi-liquid cream.
  3. You leave for half an hour for the swelling of the stock.
  4. Apply on the affected areas of the Dermis, leave for half an hour.
  5. Wash, wet the remnants of the moisture.

You can treat the disease at home daily recommended, on the day a procedure is sufficient. The duration of the course – 3 weeks. In combination with drugs used to taking.

St. John's wort

Excellent results by the treatment of starch and broth to the base of St. John's wort. Prepare medium for exposure to the disease from the inside straight – chop 100 gr. Plant material (leaves, flowers St. John's wort), boiling water (1 Liter). Leave it for 3 hours for the Information, it is recommended to wrap the capacity for the preservation of the concentrated medicines. You take three times a day for 50 ml.

Application of Bay leaf in the fight against Psoriasis

The Bay leaf is recommended to get rid of defeats on the head, layers of skin all over the body. Restrictions on the use of non – the composition is safe, causes no complications, and allergic phenomena.

Preparation Of Application:

  1. You can grind the hands of 20 leaves of the Laurel.
  2. For cooking water (500 ml), pour the fruit pulp.
  3. To cook the poison composition on a slow fire, without lid, quarter of an hour.
  4. Exist, so that the cover, for saturated concentrated broth the capacity to wrap with a towel.
  5. Filters are you using for this gauze-fabric (roll in 3 layers).

Take the remedy twice a day – after waking up and before going to bed. Dosage for a taking – 80 ml. You exceed the recommended amount of fluid is prohibited on the effectiveness of the treatment of Psoriasis is not affected. The duration of the treatment week. The fastest way to treat Psoriasis – add the decoction of Laurel lotions on the basis of strength. Even running for the disease accompanied by complications, it will take 3-5 days (but in the case of each patient, the result is different).

The treatment with the ointment to the base of the leaves of the Laurel

An available and effective drug, able to cure psoriasis on the head or the layers of the skin for always – ointment is made from the leaves of the Laurel. Preparation:

  1. Heat in a water bath and petroleum jelly (50 gr.).
  2. Add in the drug to a pulp crushed leaves of the Laurel.
  3. Infuse in a warm place for 3-5 days, stir regularly.

Spray on the affected areas of the skin or hair. You should rinse the skin of the leather, remove the moisture, drying wait. Do not rinse after application in the period of an hour.

Apply once per day. The duration of treatment – 2 weeks. Recommended in case of complications, the rapid spread of the rash, complaints on the leather skin. Children, pregnant women, allergic reactions of the skin.

To protect treatment with fat

The best Folk remedies to complement the composition on the Basis of solidol, to be able to cope with the disease within 2-4 weeks. Useful properties of matter – the elimination of the burning, the itching, softening of the Plaques, reducing, Peeling, Regeneration of the tissues of the skin. The medium with protect be bold as the active component, is non-washing recommended, lesions on the scalp – substance badly.

The composition of the ointment on the Basis of solidol:

  • Honey (55 gr.);
  • Grease (100 gr.);
  • Rose hips (40 gr.);
  • Onion;
  • Sulfur powder (15 gr.);
  • egg-Protein.

Onion peel, chop, squeeze the juice (you will need 20 ml onion liquid). Rose hips (dry) grind it into a powder. Protein loops in the dense foam. You put grease on a water bath, to remove mixed with bees wax product, after heating, add the rest of the components. Stirring to homogeneity. Pour it in a container made of glass, cork. Stored in the refrigerator.

Use the ointment daily. Number of applications – only once a day. It is recommended that the procedure for 2-5 hours before bedtime – the composition must be fully to move in.

Complement the treatment with the ointment on the Basis of solidol with bathtubs Soda, lotions from starch, in the techniques of domestic drugs to the inside. The remedy has no side effects, but can have an allergic reaction on irritation-prone sensitive Dermis. If you remove the body's warning signal in the Form of skin rash, redness, strong burning sensation make-up immediately, rinse the treated areas with a warm liquid, with the addition of soap.

The treatment of psoriasis without medication provides good results – rashes disappear quickly and without complications. Still a rule – not ready for the treatment of the disease, without the prior consent of the domestic medicines with your doctor.