How to treat psoriasis at home

Psoriasis belongs to the group of complex diseases. The nature of this disease is not yet fully understood. The fact that in the process, only the skin is not involved, but it is also a violation of some of the functions of the internal organs. Therefore, this disease is very difficult to treat. And there is no such method of therapy that is equally effective for all patients with Psoriasis. In view of this circumstance, in the treatment of this disease, each patient individual scheme of treatment, and in the complex therapy of the doctors is a must in addition to the traditional medicine, folk-techniques.


Principles of home treatment of Psoriasis

In the Arsenal of folk medicine, many effective formulations, the reduction in the intensity of the symptoms of psoriasis. The so-called Psoriasis that does not give a complete cure. For the topical treatment prepared:

  • Creams and ointments;
  • Shampoos (with the defeat of the Psoriasis of the scalp);
  • medical lotions;
  • Baths with herbal teas that help with the defeat of the whole body.

The outer means are equally suitable for adults and children. A) means for the inner intake, the age limit can, as in some of the stocks available contraindicated for children components.

To cook popular recipes at home the following dosage forms, especially for indoor reception:

  • Powder;
  • broths;
  • Infusions;
  • complex mixtures.

Important Point! Since the composition of the majority of the recipes for the treatment of Psoriasis are strong and sometimes toxic components that every method should be taken with a doctor. This allows you to reduce the risk of negative consequences.

Rules for home treatment

In General, specialists recommended that this or that type of national treatment, advise patients lead to some rules. Here is your list:

  1. During the treatment it is need by external means, protect the skin and nails from drying out. This condition applies in particular if, in the course of the therapy baths.
  2. The first Phase of the Psoriasis is well suited for the treatment of mild herbal supplements.
  3. The therapeutic composition must better invigorating on the skin, with the surface of regular scales and crusts removed.
  4. It is exactly the selected formulation for the treatment, including the processing and properties of the applications.
  5. Not recommended to concurrently use several Tools, because this variant of the treatment will allow the effectiveness of the individual methods.

All these precautions help to make the best of the domestic treatment of Psoriasis and for the prevention of possible complications.

Soda for psoriasis

Popular Recipes

Activated carbon
You want to with your presentation ways to start effectively, with means that it will be available almost in every house a pharmacy. It is activated carbon. With the help of this drug cheap can even pustular Psoriasis can be localised.

The remedy is in such sequence: the tablets of the activated coal is crushed to powder form and to dissolve in water. The number of tablets is easy to determine according to the formula: 1 piece per 10 kg of body weight. Drink ingredients long before eating (1.5 to 2 hours). The rate of such therapy is calculated to 45 days.

Important! In this Form of treatment is necessary, the adherence to a diet and not to drink alcohol.

Baking powder

Sodium bicarbonate is the recipes in many popular. In contrast to pharmaceutical agents, it is absolutely harmless and gives a good result, when an external application: quickly removes signs of inflammation, what is always observed, in the case of Psoriasis, and softens the skin. There are three ways of using Soda:

  1. Solution of Standard concentration (2 TSP in 200 ml), treated the affected area.
  2. You can lotions lemonade to make a thick mixture made from powder with water. In the received structure is necessary to dive with a cotton ball or gauze pad and then alternately applying to the damaged areas of the skin.
  3. Hot Soda compress also helps good to with inflammation done. Already after the first treatment, the intensity of the lesions, the inflammation subsides will be reduced. For this way, you prepare a liquid solution with a temperature not to burn. In the solution, the tissue is moistened and is the problematic point. The compress needs to cool completely.

And a unique recipe with the participation of regular Soda. This Tool has a complex structure, because for its production of these ingredients will be needed:

  • Egg Yolks – 3 PCs.;
  • Fat Chicken – 1 Glass;
  • Tar – 2 L. v.;
  • soap economic – 2L article;
  • Soda – 1 Teaspoon;
  • Bile (Pharmacy) – 2 Tbsp. L.;
  • Mushroom chaga – half of the normal Cup;
  • FIR oil – 1 L. H.

First of all, the fat and cook for 10 minutes heats up. After cooling, the chaga and the remaining ingredients is added. By each component, the mixture need to stir well, the bile in the mixture of the latest. The resulting ointment should have a homogeneous texture. Treatment is best before bedtime. During the night, the medium of rest is fed well.


It is one of the most popular instruments is used in the treatment of psoriasis. In fact, fat a technical lubricant, soap from fatty acids and calcium. The composition is prepared by thickening, making it always a bit sticky and the consistency like a common ointment. But, if to remove pharmaceutical agents washed off easily from skin, fat hard. Denotes a peculiar odor resistant.

Solidol in the treatment of psoriasis

Of course, for the treatment pharmaceutical preparation. But given the fact that fat in the pure Form of drugstore, almost rare, it is very hard to come by. The truth of the pharmaceutical industry produced a number of special ointments for the treatment of Psoriasis, but its effectiveness is questionable. So a healer for a real result, it is recommended to use pure fat, preferably pharmacy. The fact that in the production of technical brands in stock all kinds of additional complementary fabrics, and it is an allergic reaction is imminent. It follows that a rational use of medical drugs.

Solidol would

Fat is dozens of years for the treatment of severe forms of Psoriasis. During this long tenure, he showed not even impressive results. The advantages of this simple means, the following features should be ranked:

  • easy to use;
  • the costs are not high;
  • low probability of the development of allergies and other side effects;
  • fast itching, burning (usually eases after the first two treatments);
  • the epithelization of the skin stimulates;
  • reduces the intensity of flaking;
  • after the treatment, the end effect is lasting and stays on for a long time.

More than 60% of patients after several treatment cycles, the almost total disappearance of the external manifestations observed forms of the disease.

Important Point! It is recommended that prior to the application solidol, a Test on the sensitivity, by a little means on the skin in the area of the elbow. If half days later, the characteristics of the stimulus appears, we can start with the treatment.

Recipes on the Basis of solidol

  1. This Home composition is effective skin Psoriasis of the head. It is prepared according to this recipe: fat (300 G) it is necessary to first mix them with two egg whites, add the mixture with a spoon eating honey (preferably lime) and celandine. Herbal components have a powder-to-milling condition. To lubricate the resulting ointment on the damaged areas.
  2. And yet a Universal recipe, which is ideal for the treatment of Psoriasis localization. He is very simple in execution: bold, you can also rinse a technical clean brand, apply a thick layer on the body and leave for 10 minutes, then. So you eliminate the soap and the acrid smell of the drug is recommended to take a shower with tar. Similar procedures are recommended daily, increased every week by 10 minutes. If a temporary Option is one hour, you can be protecting on the night compresses with with fat. Of course, this is an Option with good tolerability of the agent.

Medical Spas

In the case of large surfaces, lesions of Psoriasis, greatly facilitate the patient's condition warm baths. Water treatments have a calming effect, eliminates the itching and promote the rapid healing of damaged areas. With special means for the spas is not required, because many of them there are in each house.

Baths for Psoriasis
  1. A brine bath is recommended twice per week. Already after the first two procedures in General, the effect of the treatment is noticeable. But the course of aquatic therapy for a longer period of time – 3 months. Very important is the observance of the regularity of the procedure. Better you use sea salt, which is sold in the pharmacy network. For the implementation of a method will have to resolve in the full warm tub of water 1 kg of salt, and completely submerge the body.
  2. Turpentine baths well heated, causing improved blood circulation. The variety of method – 2 times in the week period. It is recommended that pharmacy turpentine. The Tool is poured in up to 36 degree water. After five minutes, stay in the water, the temperature should be increased to 40. After medical baths for a couple of hours to rest in bed, warm and protected. An important point: Before surgery, you must treat it with Vaseline genital area, Anal region, and open wounds.
  3. Bathroom with a thickness recommended for children and elderly patients. For the procedure, for each product type: potato, rice, and other varieties of strength. After the bath, do not rinse need of the therapeutic composition with the body.
  4. Soda baths are similar to the other methods. Techniques used to enhance the exfoliation on the skin, indicating that the beginning of your recovery. In order to reduce a little bit of dry skin, it is recommended that after the bath, on the body of olive oil, apply. Itch and other negative symptoms subside after the first procedure, and a positive result is observed after a few weeks of treatment.
  5. Bath with pine extract to stimulate the regeneration processes, but also amplified the potential of the body's own immune. The raw material itself, but it is better to buy a pharmacy drug. First extract diluted in water, and then pour into the prepared pan. If Psoriasis areas amazed certain areas of the body, such as feet or hand, you can buds local compresses with a decoction of pine.

All treatments listed can organize without problems at home. In sanatorium conditions, patients with Psoriasis hydrogen sulfide and Radon baths.

Shampoos for psoriasis

Recipe 1: celandine Grass, fresh (300 G) through the meat grinder. To must from the green mass is wrung out of juice, a small serving of red wine (30 ml) is added. The mix is necessary for skin to treat head, let the composition to a quarter of an hour, then rinse the hair well.

Recipe 2: Need protein to connect with a spoonful of liquid honey, add a little Baby Shampoo every, everything a good mix. The composition is washed out on the quarter-hour, then plenty of running warm water.

The means for the taking

As mentioned above, in addition to the outer most effective means of treatment at home, you can self-prepare medicinal concoctions for domestic consumption. There are all kinds of decoctions, infusions, combined compositions. All herbal preparations, the effect of the internal reserves of the organism, helps him in the fight against the disease. These popular recipes are we healed many of the sick.

Agents in psoriasis
  1. Chaga has long been used in people with psoriasis. The chaga also contains substances that stimulates many vital processes. In the case of psoriasis an Infusion and decoction. Infusion cooking is better in a thermos. The dry raw material is in the container, pour boiling water, five. The resulting composition Ess drink-spoon three times per day, and you can add in the tub or you can lubricate the affected areas twice a Medical spas with chagoy also help in skin diseases and various infections of the skin. The broth is the same way, and takes strictly after the meal. On the Basis of the fungus, you can home-cook homemade ointment by plant material with soap, tar, egg yolk, and baking powder.
  2. Tar soap always in the complex therapy for Psoriasis. It purifies the skin and stimulates the Regeneration. Although this Tool has not-too-pleasant aroma, and its application helps with difficult Dermatitis and Psoriasis. Some of the distinctive measures in the use of this soap is not required, easy to handle good problem zones. After washing, it is recommended to rinse a a vegetable broth.

Natural oils

Each vegetable oil is also irritated skin. Better choose for therapeutic purposes, not refined product. In this ruler, the most effective way of linseed oil. In the case of the regular external treatment you irritation, relieve pathogens, to protect against the ingress of disease, the rapid healing of damaged tissue to promote.

Not inferior to the healing properties of olive oil — a source of natural polyphenols. These components have a strong Anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil in psoriasis can be taken in small doses, using it in salads and other dishes.

Burdock root oil is better suited, with extensive lesions of the scalp. It is recommended, before bed, apply go, steadying from above with a foil. After several treatments, the skin condition significantly improved.

Finally, I would like to remind you once again that only an integrated approach to the treatment and the strict implementation of all recommended measures can ensure success. Psoriasis is a very complex disease. In addition to the therapy for the improvement of the patient strictly to the diet, shorten the stay in the sun, perform and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.