Instructions for the integrated treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis – deterministic disease, which is caused by the Hyper-proliferation of the cells of the Dermis, disorders of immunity with the synthesis of immune dependens mediators of the inflammation in the skin. For the normalization of the processes of differentiation of keratinocytes, the restoration of cellular mitosis and immunity used drugs of different groups (cytostatics, retinoids, immunosuppressants).

Instructions for the integrated treatment of Psoriasis

Scheme of the application of certain drugs depends on the stage of the disease, the type of lesions and the age of the patient.

Comprehensive treatment of the psoriasis

Comprehensive treatment of psoriasis requires the use of not only drugs, but also the physiotherapeutic procedures. They promote the recovery of mitosis leads to the elimination of hyperkeratosis and inflammatory processes in the skin layers. Therapy for psoriasis includes multiple areas, namely:

  1. the external agents (ointments, gels, liniments, creams, Sprays) – contribute to the local elimination of inflammatory processes on the skin, the affected psoriatic Plaques;
  2. LVP and oral drugs (tablets, coated tablets, injections, vitamins) – a means of systemic therapy, the impact on the work of separate organs and systems;
  3. physio-therapeutic agents (cryotherapy, hemosorbtion, laser therapy) – Hardware-treatments for the purification of the blood and skin of pathological agents;
  4. balneological way – kind of Spa-treatment with the application of herudotherapy, mud baths, thermal springs, etc.;
  5. Diet – a balanced diet, promotes the normalization of cell metabolism and, accordingly, mitosis.

The selection of the specific directions of the therapy depends on the stage of development of Psoriasis. For example, in the Phase of Progression, i.e. the active development of psoriatic Plaques is not certain types of physiotherapy treatments can use. This can provoke an even greater deterioration of the disease.


Over the course of the disease is largely determined by the degree of development of pathological processes, factors, dysfunction of the immune system, the age of the patient, etc. In the process of the appointment of adequate complex of therapeutic measures, the physician gives consideration to:

  • the reasons for the development of the pathology;
  • Phase of the development of the disease;
  • Type psoriatic lesions;
  • Gender and age of the patient;
  • Special features of the durchflieens of the disease;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions.

A careful study of the medical history of the patient allows to determine the direction of the treatment, which will help you find the best therapeutic results. A special role allocate requirements-analysis of the mechanisms triggered psoriatic Plaques resolved appearance. The triggering mechanism of the development of the disease can immune a Psycho-emotional overexertion, chronic diseases, auto-disturbances, climate change, etc.

The selected direction of the therapy must be the exact pathogenesis of Psoriasis is substantiated. Otherwise, you will not manage to suppress pathological processes in the body that leads to complications.
comprehensive treatment of the psoriasis

General principles of therapy

According to the results of a recent medical consultation, in which professionals from 19 European countries, the effective treatment of psoriatic disease based on the implementation of 3 principles:

  1. strict adherence to the algorithm of the complex therapeutic measures;
  2. constant monitoring of the response of an organism to the action of certain medicines;
  3. timely adjustment of the therapeutic principles of treatment.

Unfortunately, the cases of the generalization of inflammation in the development of Psoriasis in 45% was due to non-compliance with the rules for the treatment the doctor determines. The risks associated with the formation of Psoriasis Plaques the entire body, you need to follow exactly the instructions given are specialists in the process of therapy.

The treatment on the stage of the progress

Scheme of complex treatment of Psoriasis, the stage of development of the pathological process is defined. In the stage of Progression, that is, the active emergence of new symptoms and skin rashes. h., should follow the schema in roughly the same treatment:

  • Cortisone ointment – cropped symptoms of the disease and promote the elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • Enriched drugs – promotes the normalization of metabolism, resulting in the restoration of cell allows for mitosis;
  • Antihistamines – eliminates herds, severe itching and swelling of the tissue in the vicinity of inflammation.

The application of the above-mentioned medium in the Phase of progression of the disease because of their pathogenetic activity. They have a marked anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.

Treatment in the stationary and retrogressive Phase

Stationary and retrogressive stage of development of the disease is characterized by moderate desquamation of psoriatic Plaques. However, in this Phase of the pathology, no increase in the peripheral, i.e. growths of papules or the occurrence of new symptoms of the disease. In this case, the drug therapy is aimed at the use of drugs, the Peeling, disinfecting and wound-healing effect.

Treatment regimen genodermatosis is approximately like this:

In the case of serious diseases for the relief of symptoms of corticosteroids, and not only external resources but also cytotoxic drugs used

You have a pronounced immunosuppressive effect, i.e., suppress the immune system. This prevents the inflammation of the skin, the antibodies to the epidermal cells.