The main forms and ways of dealing with Psoriasis on the hands

Psoriasis on the hands up to now is still not fully researched the disease. Pharmacological industry Tools to get rid of with 100% efficiency is created, the symptoms of the pathology. The most common is psoriasis a disease of the fingers of the hands. This disease is not fatal, but if neglected forms a lot of the uncomfortable symptoms of the patients. Disease complications such as psoriatic Arthritis, and problems with the musculoskeletal system can cause. Therefore, you need to know how and what to treat psoriasis on the Hand at the first sign.


The types of the disease

Pathology of various symptomatic patterns depending on the Form of the disease and localization of lesions. In order to recognize the nature of the disease, it is important to know what differentiates one Form from the other.

Psoriasis on the fingers of the hands. In the case of the disease, the affected area look like small flakes. Depending on the development of the problems of these areas are inflamed. Symptomatic pattern escalated in the oseena-the winter period, when in the human organism there is a deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

The defeat of the hands. This Form was diagnosed in 25% of cases. The characteristic symptoms of Psoriasis of the hands – coarsening of the skin, the appearance of spots by external characteristics similar to corn. Lesions itch, brings to the patients ' complaints.

Psoriasis on the palms of the hands. In the group of risk factors for the disease, the people, the experience of regular physical activity. The first signs of problems to show small patches, covered with silvery crust. Later, small papules turn in the Psoriasis-larger sizes. If there is no therapeutic interventions swings hitting the side of the hand surfaces. Psoriasis, on the palms of the hands, accompanied by regular itching, which ultimately is the cause of sleep disturbances, and increased nervousness of the patient.

Artropaticheskiy nature of the problem – the most severe Form of the disease in the affected joints. In the early stage of the disease affects the bony structures, and then in the pathological process, the larger joints are involved. A characteristic Symptom of this type of disease – pain in the bones, not accompanied by abnormal spots on the skin.

Pustuleznyy Psoriasis. The disease develops on the background of the recent infectious diseases, strong emotional experiences or hormonal disorders in the body. Rashes look like small ulcers with clear boundaries. Usually rash is located in the vastness of the thumb and the little finger. The Patient is noted to the General deterioration of health.

Psoriaticheskaya eritrodermiya. Pathology is manifested against the background of the usual Form of the disease in the action of irritating factors. In contrast to this kind of problems from others in the fact that the rashes are spreading all over the body. eritrodermiya passes in front of the background of the drastic deterioration in the health and inflammation of the regional lymph nodes.

Psoriasis is not by everyday. So, fear of contagion from the sick people not worth it.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

The mechanism of development of Psoriasis is not yet fully studied. The doctors say some causes of infection and predisposing factors to the disease. A category of the professional pathology in connection to the autoimmune disorders in the body, and the other to hereditary forms of diseases and functional disorders of the nervous system.

To think that one of the causes of psoriasis also out:

  • Poisoning;
  • the weakening of the body's defenses;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • bad habits;
  • frequent stressful situations;
  • Allergies;
  • the migrated pathology, viral, fungal, or bacterial origin;
  • Changing climatic belt;
  • long-term use of certain groups of drugs – antibiotics, Beta-blockers, antidepressants.

Predisposing factor to the emergence of Psoriasis on the hands excessive Hygiene is. Cosmetics and washcloths deprive the natural defenses of the skin and cause injury to your surface.

In his development of a Problem through 4 phases:

  • In the first Phase. The disease manifests itself in small spots on the hands. Papules have clear contours and a smooth surface. Psoriasis in the early stages similar to vulgar warts on the hands. After a few days rashes grow and start to peel. At the beginning of the development of the pathology localized papules between the fingers, and further spread to other areas.
  • Progressive Stage. Is celebrated the appearance of new lesions on the skin of the hands. Stains are brighter. The main reason for the emergence of this Phase, problems – minor damage to the Epidermis.
  • The stationary Phase. The period is characterized by a decrease in the clinical picture of the disease – ends flaky skin and skin rashes acquire bluish shades.
  • Regressivnaya Stage. The main symptoms of the period – the full completion of the desquamation of the Epidermis, the absorption of the nodules.

On the photo we can see how psoriasis looks levels on each of the development. In the case of suspected the Problem is important to immediately consult a specialist and do not self-medicate. Determine if the problems also allow the characteristic features of psoriasis:

  • excessive dryness of the Epidermis;
  • Thickening of the surface of the skin;
  • Cracking Of The Skin Rashes;
  • the emergence of corns in the middle of the Plaques;
  • the Fusion of the individual papules in community-lesion.

Nail infections according to symptoms and signs differs from that of psoriasis on the hands. Characteristic features of this type of disease – a thickening of the plate, and their stratification. The color of the nails change, and through them you can consider, skin rashes, framed by a bright red edge.

The patients confuse psoriasis with eczema on the hands, although it is completely different skin diseases. The main difference between the pathologies in the fact that in the case of eczema lesions are out of focus, and in the case of the considered disease rashes clear boundaries.

The possibilities of the treatment


The treatment of psoriasis on your hands be under the control of dermatologists.

The absence of the symptoms of the problems for a long time no sign of healing. Experts believe that the pathology of work to heal until the end, but you can achieve long-term Remission.

The treatment of psoriasis on your hands include:

  • Use of drugs local action (creams, ointments, balms);
  • Taking medicines orally;
  • physiotherapy treatments.

Many patients are asking – as for the treatment of psoriatic Arthritis. Schema therapy for these kind of problems looks the same, as is the case with other types of Psoriasis.

Local Treatment

For the relief of the symptomatic image, you use the following ointment in the treatment of psoriasis:

  • Hormonal. The main effect on the use of resources, reduction of inflammation, elimination of pain and itching.
  • Non-hormonal. Medications alleviate the symptoms of the pathology, without side effects, so you may for the treatment of Psoriasis in children.
  • Homeopathic. Ordered in the event of problems, accompanied by a strong desquamation of the skin. Drugs are particularly effective in the case of damage to the joints.

Drugs common actions

Drug to combat the symptoms of the disease is done by:

  • Antigistaminnah Funds.
  • B vitamins, C and E.
  • Psycho-stimulants.
  • Immune modulators.

As a cure psoriasis on the hands in individual cases, determined by the expert. The doctor will use drugs in combination to achieve the best results from your application.

Physical therapy in psoriasis

Prescribe physical therapy for all types of problems. Methods to prevent a reduction in the period of exacerbation of symptoms, the development to follow. With the aim of relieving the symptoms of the problems of patients, appoint in the rule:

  • Cryotherapy;
  • UV-irradiation;
  • girudoterapiya;
  • Laser treatment;
  • Radon baths;
  • Applications with Paraffin;
  • elektroson;
  • PUVA therapy

Therapy Laser promotes rapid Regeneration of damaged skin. Manipulations are under the supervision of a doctor that regulates the penetration depth of the beam. The methodology gives the effect even at an advanced stage of the disease.

PUVA treatment combines 2 techniques, the impact on the affected zones – UV-irradiation and fotosensibilizatory. A way that strengthens the therapeutic outcome of another. To achieve a visible result need 20-25 sessions of PUVA therapy.

The main essence of the cryotherapy effects on the damaged areas of the low temperatures. Method for reducing the number of tiles on the Hand and the extension of the period of Remission of the pathology. Cryotherapy recommend that patients in whom there are often relapses of psoriasis.

Prevention and Folk tips

Psoriasis on the hands shows up more frequently than in other parts of the body. To avoid, to note the signs of a recurrence of disease prophylactic rules:

  • to do the cleaning, to gloves at home in the rubber;
  • use a moisturizing cream for the hands;
  • avoid contact with the funds, the aggressive chemical composition;
  • contact dermatologists in the form of appearance of the first signs of Psoriasis;
  • Eliminating the use of alcohol and Smoking;
  • exclude from the menu fried and oily food.

Long-term Remission of the pathology can be achieved with home remedies of psoriasis. The main advantage of such a treatment – the minimal risk of side effects. Therefore, traditional recipes can be used to combat the Problem in children and women.

The list should be the most popular recipes alternative medicine for Psoriasis on the hands:

  • Herbal tea for the taking: in the same quantities, mix the leaves of nettle, bilberry, calendula, and horsetail. Herbal ingredients with water (500 ml), mixed with 1 tbsp. L. Honey. Before the beginning of such a treatment, you need to make sure that no allergies to honey.
  • Herbal bath. On the Basis of St. John's wort, succession, and chistotela the bath prepare: a handful of each vegetable ingredient, add to the pan and pour 1 Liter of water. The mixture boil on low heat for about 30 minutes, and then insist to cool. The hands of the herbs dipped into the broth for 20-25 minutes and then dry them without the use of towels.
  • Ointment on the Basis of birch tar, most effective way to combat the ladonno-podoshvennyy type of pathology in the home. Drug prepared according to the following recipe: a small amount of an ingredient, you pour the oil. The ointment is on the Plaques an unlimited number of times.

Not to forget also in compliance with all the rules of prevention, looks like psoriasis. All of the methods of treatment – medical, national, and physical therapy give only temporary relief. Of the compliance with the rules of prevention and properly prepared, the Schema of the therapy, the duration of Remission depends on problems.

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User reviews about the treatment

Light, Moscow: psoriasis on the hands is an incurable disease. At regular intervals he has periods of Remission and relapse differs. Deterioration of the skin, particularly evident after the Stress and the consumption of deep-fried or smoked products. Hormones give the effect, but, unfortunately, only briefly. Cream relieve the symptoms of the disease, with prolonged and regular use. The combination of drug therapy with the ointment, diet, and mental peace, you can prolong the period of Remission of the problems.

Tamara, Nizhny Novgorod: Cure psoriasis of the hands helps the following recipe: raw chicken egg white rubbed on the injured area several times a day. To combine to the application of these funds by a few days perhaps increased itching and burning, so the local treatment of the affected areas better with the intake of antihistamines. Therapy also taking medicines Supplement, the Calcium D3. Visible, you can results after 2 weeks of this treatment regimen.

Anatoly, Samara: to Prevent the recurrence of Psoriasis help to the hands of simple rules:

  • A complete rejection of alcoholic drinks, spices and sweets.
  • The regular intake enterosorbentov 2-3 times per day.
  • The intake of fish oil 1 TSP three times per day.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • The treatment of the damaged areas of non-hormonal medicines
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, contains tar.
  • Moisturizing cream for the hands.

It should be noted that such events only allow you to keep on-time Manifestation of the acute symptoms of the problems.