Psoriasis in children. Symptoms and treatment

Psoriasis in children at any age diagnosed. This chronic disease can strike even babies and newborns, in the last few years, the cases of childhood Psoriasis became more frequent in younger pre-school children. At the first signs of the disease, you need to begin a comprehensive treatment. To achieve the earlier in the situation, the condition of the steadfast Remission, the better for the health of the child.

Children Psoriasis

The reasons for the emergence of child Psoriasis

Infantile Psoriasis systemic. Lead to his development of disorders in the functioning of the immune system when the body can not resist its harmful effects of external factors.

The doctors can not only cause the occurrence of the disease in a child. But there are a number of scientifically-based assumptions:

  1. Genetic predisposition – if one in the family diagnosed cases of Psoriasis, the likelihood of the development of the child increases to 30%. If this disease both parents suffer, it grows up to 80%. But only the predisposition to the disease, which means that with the proper care for a child, there is the possibility to avoid inherited
  2. Diseases of the nervous system – the negative experiences, Stress, sudden changes in life (change of school, the birth of a second child) can induce the occurrence of the disease.
  3. Disorders of metabolism – deficiency of vitamins, micro-elements.
  4. The presence of parasites – worms, the nutrients, and absorb a large amount of toxin generating substances, the adverse effects on the organism of the child. Often skin reactions, Psoriasis appear.
  5. Infection Psoriasis in children diseases appears after the transmission of infection. It is a Angina, influenza, the common cold could.
  6. Dysfunction of the endocrine system – the hormonal imbalance Psoriasis provoked.
  7. Liver diseases – in case of disturbances in the work of this body, the body cannot make toxins harmless, can lead to the development of Psoriasis. Usually psoriasis in children for the first time diagnosed in the cold season. Clearly the risk for the development of and injuries to the skin increases.

Symptoms of psoriasis in children


Signs of Psoriasis in infants differ significantly from the symptoms of this disease in adults. In the case of children in the early stages, the red rashes appear in the skin folds (in the gluteal region, axilla), to the head, face, genitals. Also they are localized in the areas exposed to constant friction of the clothes. Rarely, the rash occurs on the palms and soles of the feet. The rash is reminiscent of intertrigo, but she has to peel the main Symptom of Psoriasis – hot Ball of papules, appears to be peeling. Gradually delicate skin with scales, crusts. Scattered small papules merge into conglomerates. Their size gradually increases, covers large parts of the Epidermis. In most cases, the itchy rash, a child is a huge discomfort. He brushes her papules, risking an infection.

Stage of the child's Psoriasis and its symptoms

  1. Progressive formation of a small rash of red or bright pink color. It itches, is scaly, increases in height and spreads about the skin. Soon a rash with cracks, begins to bleed a little. In contrast to adults, in children, the phenomenon is virtually non-existent stearic spots, the Terminal film. In severe advanced stage of the child increased body temperature, the surface of the Epidermis, swollen lymph nodes, swelling of the skin, compacted, observed, a strong redness.
  2. To stop stationary – formation of new lesions and growth, reduces the intensity of the flaking.
  3. Regressive – rash begins to gradually dissolvere. After her disappearance on the skin of depigmented headbands appear.

The complete disappearance of the symptoms of the disease Remission. Their duration depends on the characteristics of the childcare, in particular from the food. Recurrence of the disease in children often is a result of the transmission of infectious diseases.

Types of child Psoriasis

Distinguish between different types of Psoriasis in children. They are independent of the peculiarities of the symptomatology and localization of the lesions. The main forms of the disease:

  1. Libero Psoriasis. Appears in children up to one year. Localized skin rash mainly in the area of the gluteal. Due to the constant contact with feces and urine, in consequence of diapers RUB the skin in this area is irritated, therefore the disease is difficult to diagnose. Parents often take this rash for Dermatitis, what prevents the timely treatment.
  2. Tabula (normal) psoriasis. The most common Form of the disease in children. Its characteristic symptoms on the surface of the skin red spots are formed. First of all, you have a small, but fast enough to grow in diameter, begin to peel off. The base of the papules has a dense texture. At the top you are with a loose layer of scales, which are easily separated. Tabs are papules on various parts of the body, but the most common elbow problems in the area of the bend, and the knees, in the scalp.
  3. Psoriasis guttate. The body has a lot of skin rashes, the appearance of the Form covered, like a drop, with a small size and a convex shape. Papules rise above the surface of the Epidermis and cortices. They cover the head, arms, and legs, as well as the torso. The rash can psoriasis disappear on their own or escalate in tabula. At the age of 4-5 years, this Form of the disease due to streptococcal infection.
  4. Generativus pustular Psoriasis. Develops suddenly and very quickly. In a short time large areas of the skin inflamed, covered with ulcers. To violate the zones affected of the Epidermis. This Form of psoriasis is dangerous because serious complications provoked. It can cause diseases of the internal organs, especially the kidneys, of the heart.
  5. pustular Psoriasis.Relates to children older than 7 years. In infants and children of preschool age are rare. This is a severe Form of the disease, a swelling of the skin, and its surface is full of bubbles, filled non-transferable exudo. Often due to inflammation of the lymph nodes.
  6. Erythrodermic Psoriasis. A very dangerous Form, provocaverunt presentations Thermoregulation of the body. Of the Epidermis, intense desquamation is manifested in generativus inflammation. Accompanied by a strong itching, painful sensations. Large areas of the skin begin to flake. Can be fatal, especially if the child is small.
  7. Psoriasis flexion surfaces. Appears on the bends of the body, mostly in the area of the inner side of the thigh, the area, the genitals. Body with spots of the colour red. They are smooth and not cortices, but a little convex.
  8. Arthropathic Psoriasis. Affects the joints. Symptoms of this Form of the disease – muscle rigidity, they are no longer movable, the joints and the fingers swell and swell. Knees, fingers, ankles, wrists hurt, there is a feeling of General discomfort. May Be Conjunctivitis. According to the type of Psoriasis the majority of children of the Winter – the Form is divided into types: Winter or summer regardless of the season, when the relapse comes, and for the first time arose when the symptoms first appear; continuously continuous worsening of the disease recurring; the indefinite Form.
  9. Psoriasis of the nails. Clavum plate. Its symptoms depend on the Form. Arrange the following varieties:
  • naperstkovidnym – on the surface of the nails, small pits are formed, thereby optically they are like a thimble;
  • the guests – the nails from the bed to peel off very quickly;
  • onycholysis nails gradually from the bed, peel, inflammatory processes are absent, the base of the nail fringe is yellow-pink;
  • trachyonychia nail thickened, rough, the surface is wavy, the edge is raised;
  • hemorrhaging subungual – under the surface of the nail stripes and spots appear red-pink hue;
  • Paronychia psoriatic the skin around the nail and Finger self-thickening, is due to intense inflammatory processes.

Diagnosis of childhood Psoriasis

Diagnosis of psoriasis is a skin doctor. He leads the examination of the child, clearly, if there are rashes as the disease occurs, there are in the genus people suffering from this disease. A diagnosis of children, in particular, at the age of 1 year, exclusively on the visual inspection difficult, as they often are the classic symptoms of the disease: stearic stain, a Terminal Film, and "bloody dew". Carefully make sure that the Psoriasis allows scraping of the analysis, taken from the surface of the lesions.

The treatment of Psoriasis in children


Children, patients with Psoriasis, in the complex treatment. To quickly reach a state of Remission, systemic therapy helps, at the same time aimed at the elimination of symptoms and the strengthening of the whole organism. Consider the basic methods of treatment.

Medicines for external application

Effective in the removal of papules, afflicted skin. To belong to this group:

  • salicylic ointment 1-2% of infants contraindicated;
  • sulfur-tar ointment 2-3%; boric ointment;
  • glucocorticoid ointment 0.5% – "Locacorten", "Flucinar", "prednisolone";
  • Inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase – papaverina ointment 1% and teofillina ointment 5% for the treatment of Psoriasis, hit pilosus part of the head;
  • Steroid creams and ointments – "Instructio A", "Haec solutio" and other ointments of Psoriasis;
  • heparin ointment – for chronic Plaques.

Medicines for internal use are:

  • desensitizing agents – three times a day with a solution of calcium gluconate 5% is shown for a teaspoon, the duration of the doctor determines;
  • Sedatives of the tincture of Valerian;
  • Antihistamines medications for the relief of itching – 7-10 days Tavegil"," Suprastin", in acute conditions the injection to be introduced", in the case of lighter – you can prescribe the tablets;
  • Sedative – in rare cases, older children are, you can "Tazepam", "Seduksen";
  • Vitamins to strengthen the immune system, ascorbic acid, B12, B15, D, A, E, drink three times a day for a few months;
  • pyrogenic mixtures for the activation of the protective functions of the body, the normalization of vascular permeability, 8-10 injections administered "Pyrogenal", children at the age of 3 years;
  • Glucocorticoids–. the course in severe cases, 2-3 weeks, with a gradual decrease in dose

Proper nutrition

In order to heal as quickly as possible Psoriasis and to achieve a state of Remission, you need to observe proper nutrition:

  • to eliminate from the food, pastries, baking, sweet, oily and fried foods, chocolate;
  • limit fruit intake of citrus;
  • you drink enough fluid;
  • replace sugary drinks herbal tea;
  • the Basis of the diet – vegetables, herbs, recenter fruit juices, dietary meat, lean fish.



To minimize the risk of disease and prolong the period of Remission, follow simple rules:

  • while bathing do not use any aggressive medium and hard sponges;
  • you teach the child to avoid cut wounds, burns, injuries of skin; protect the child from contact with the skin to direct sunlight;
  • they prefer clothes made of natural fabrics; follow the diet of the child; careful drug choose;
  • try to have the child's positive emotional state dominated.

Upon the occurrence of the slightest suspicion that your child has psoriasis, talk to your skin doctor. This is a serious disease, so how can you say to treat only a competent doctor. Do not self-medicate, because the earlier, more effective therapy, the faster you will succeed, the state of Remission. Despite the fact that Psoriasis is not curable, with proper and timely approach, you can select the number of relapses to a minimum.